Anamika -Day 2

In Writing on November 3, 2012 at 3:55 am

It was a Hard day today.  All day long she slept well . She had her very first body massage today.  I was dreaded like hell. The nurse swinging her upside down and even hanging her by her soft and delicate head. I was literally surprised , how can a baby endure such heavy massage. om said, even i as a baby had this massage for one year. Now I know why I am like I am. it seems every mother idolizes Dara Singh and wants her baby to  be like. Hence the massage.

I noticed she had actions , one like tendency to vomit, wanted to consult  the doc, nurse said, it’s common.

As night dawned, sleep was far away from her eyes. Tonight she seriously cried. It’s annoying not to understand the cause of her incessant cries. her grand mom  is almost awake , so m I. Mother is asleep under drug dosages.

She is fine while sleeping on the lap, as soon as you put her on cradle/bed she will give her first cry followed with a long one.  And this is being supported by another new born next to our room.

For now she is sleeping …

good night !


  1. when did this happen??? congratulations 🙂

  2. thats really great to know 🙂 is that really her name, or a stopgap until you actually name her?

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  4. lol i figured 🙂 itni hindi ati hai 😀 when can we expect the name to be announced?

  5. it was the sixth day today, whats it?

  6. i hope shes feeling better now, and goddam it, whats the name!

  7. […] Anamika -Day 2 (rrajiv.wordpress.com) […]

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