First Diwali Celebrations !

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English: A Replica of the Kalighat Temple Kali...

English: A Replica of the Kalighat Temple Kali at a Kali Puja Pandal at Behala, Kolkata বাংলা: কালীঘাটের কালীর প্রতিমূর্তি, দক্ষিণ কলকাতার বেহালার একটি কালীপূজা মণ্ডপে (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hardly I remember when did I spent Diwali at home last time. After 7 years, This Diwali I am home.  Same old preparations  same chores but there is magic in those works which brings back the childhood memories.

The Diwali Celebrations at Bangalore 2010

The Diwali Celebrations at Bangalore 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The excitement of Deepawali  used to start a few days earlier with the start of cleaning mission. All rooms  cupboards doors windows  chairs dusted  and whitewash starting… The holidays at school were the most exciting part of the holidays. We would purchase crackers in advance  and would separate in so any ratios for each of us and some for Chhat Puja , that we would get confused which one for what. But that was still lots of fun. The Diwali day, we would get up early. Morning would be dedicated for purchasing of earthen pots for lighting. The cleaning them with water letting them dry , filling Kerosene Oil and them sealing them was the order of the day. In the neighborhood there was always a competition whose roofs remain lighted for longer hours.  So the logical conclusion was to try to postpone lighting them as late as possible, So we would wait who goes first… then only we would light them. Inside mother would prepare for the feast only after Laxmi Puja.  And there would be fury of colorful crackers all around.  Our community celebrates the Kali Puja , one of the few areas which celebrate the puja in our city. So at evening we would go for darshan and seek  blessings of Maa Kali.

Today, 13th novembor , It’s Pihu’s first Diwali.

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