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Baby B – The 9th Bachchan

In Blog, Humor on November 17, 2011 at 9:11 am

It seems yesterday only, when Aish & Abhi got married and they have a child now. 4 years just flew by soooo fast. Aish & Abhi married in April 08 (so I guess) and yesterday Junior B has welcomed another Junior Baby Girl to Jalsa. The Unnamed is the 9th bachchan in the family as Big B claims. Partly it’s true coz “bachchan” was the title of Mr. harivansh rai ‘bachchan’ for the writings. His actual surname was “Srivastav”.

Congratulations to Amit ji, Jaya ji , Aishwarya , Abhisek & all family members .

Baby B  has become trending topic on twitter now !

Follows some twitter comments:

They should name the baby, Phoenix. Since, she’s rising from the Ash. @hankypanty

It’s incomplete without having heard from horses mouth, so here it is… BIG B BLOG


Goshdarnit! Matt,

In Blog, Crazy, Humor, scribblings on March 18, 2011 at 4:24 am
The logo of the blogging software WordPress.

Image via Wikipedia

I click on ‘New Post’ and after having me wait for few minutes, Computer throws me a Page titled

” Goshdarnit! “

Interestingly, it said must be Matt’s fault. If you know Matt, no not Matt Damon of Goodwill hunting/Bourne series fame.

I took print screen for it. Here’s the page.



It is Matt of Automattic, founder of WordPress Matthew Charles Mullenweg. Visit his blog sometime, it’s ma.tt At first sight it looks like a graffiti by some kid. But then, it is what your heart says you write, confirms it. And as you browse down, you see credentials and then you believe it’s Matt’s.


Matt on right, Evan on Left

I was quite amused by the message on board, It’s just that WordPress inc. is cool place to work with 😛

– That’s it for now, Good night Morning

Why Women’s day? Why not?

In Art, Humor, Life on March 8, 2011 at 11:55 pm

March 8th… International Women’s day or working women’s day.


Happy Women's Day

I love Google when they come up with such doodles specific to an occasion. The picture above is Google’s logo today. Hardly any people across the world would have missed it.

However the word Women’s day is sounds quite outrageous. It gives a feeling that rest 364 days are not meant for them. Is it so? Ask few question to yourselves. Beginning from home.

Q: Who’s the boss in the house?

A: Mother

Q: Who’s speaker of the house?

A: (again) Mother

Q: Who do you ask money from?

A: Mother (again)

Q: Who’s the boss? Again?

A: Wife 😐

Q: Who is the Main Speaker in the house?

A: Wife (again !) what you thought? Me? No way! Silence is Golden! 😉

Now my dear fellow brothers & sisters, who do you think, need a day for themselves? Women? Or Men?

So, why not have a International Men’s day? Guess what we do have it too. fkin crazy! Check it here

Folks I can’t take a risk of going without food for few days. so here I go… Things change when you get married. Earlier on this occasion, I used to wish my mom and now I wish my wife, too.

Two most important and most powerful women in my life.

Mother,God’s only flawless creation.  She takes care of you for entire life. It doesn’t matter if you are 7-year-old or 77-year-old, you are still a child for your mother. Love you maa !

Then comes Wife. God’s only creation that has never learned the word Silence!. 😉 no offence ladies. We, men have to learn this part, so much as to complement our better half. Somebody has to listen, hence men are for.

But never forget, it is she who shall will stick to you in all your ups & downs and even when your children are long gone and there’s none to support you. It she again who shall be your comfort and real soul mate. – Love you sweetheart 🙂

Ps: This post is dedicated to two lovely ladies in my life.

Freebird: VIRTUAL MUAHS! !

In Humor, Reblog on March 1, 2011 at 11:58 pm

Life of netizens. Facebook, twitter and what not. How close have we become. Have we? Did you have any situation when a distant relative sent you friend request and the very sight of that request sent chillers down your spine. Someone like Jaunpur wali mamiji or Timbaktu wale chacha. 🙂  Read this interesting post on Freebird.

Freebird: VIRTUAL MUAHS! !.

Written in Dust: The Keyboard Speaks (via Why I Never Lived, and why I always lied)

In Art, Crazy, Humor, Life, Reblog, Writing on February 15, 2011 at 11:50 pm

Somehow our subconscious mind at work says a lot about our character. Ever tried looking unto self through seemingly non-existent stuffs, such as keyboard of your PC or laptop. Here’s a stupendous blog post .


Image via yankodesign



A mere use of  symbol does that tell you something about you, neither it did to me. But this man IKTM has read into it and suggests what could you be thinking.

I see keys like A J and ) and . and ; ans SHIFT and CAPSLOCK are cleaner than other keys… i understand a bit about my usage of words or symbols as to I do put smiley 😉 mostly winking and 🙂 smiling. B’coz I’m mostly a smile on face man 😉 . I emphasize mu point by putting it in CAPS. Besides I finish off a line with three continuous DOTS most of the time… Read on further for more interesting analysis. Happy Reading !

“The faintest ink is more powerful than the greatest memory.” As I was dusting my keyboard yesterday, I noticed a more stubborn type of dust on some of the keys, which I didn’t rub off: it was precious. Why? Because it told a very interesting tale… Of the keys in the alphabet, Q had a significantly greater covering of the dust than any of the other keys, most of which were clean. TAB was a bit cleaner than the CAPS LOCK key, indicating clearly … Read More

via Why I Never Lived, and why I always lied

So, What does Your KEYBOARD speaks about YOU?

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