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RaOne – A forgettable moment

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Random Access Version One becomes Ra 1 (sounds like RAVAN)

Arjun Rampal

The Real Ra.One

Tum log har saal raavan ko isi din jalate ho kyunki tum jaante ho ke raavan kabhi nahi marta – RA.ONE(arjun rampal)

you guys burn raavan on this day(diwali?) every year because you know that raavan never dies]

Ravan – A demonic character from Hindu Mythology The Ramayana ; Powerful, devotee of Lord Shiva.  Having 10 heads, he was considered to be Invincible .

This movie Ra.One is inspired from the same character with enormous power and strong ego. While one was the result of Lord Shiva blessings , other one is the  mis-product of technology. Ra.One is the depiction of Evil while G.One ( Hindi meaning Life) is the Good One. As the Dussera symbolizes the victory of good over bad. Ra.One does the same.

With 0.01% chances of defeating Ra.One, G.One fights him with conviction (and off course with Blessings from Chitti)



Endhiran Robot

The Superhero No !







This is story of a father(  a nerd & a gaming programmer & an ANNA too)  who loves his family esp his only son. His son is fascinated with the skills and power of the villain. His Appa promises him a super villain – Ra.One  The movie begins when the system gets corrupted and the Super villain promises revenge. None can stop him except the Good One.

Basically story line and action is a mix of Hollywood Matrix / Terminator and Bollywood Krish / Ramayana. Off course the idea of the HEART (or HART) is borrowed from Iron Man.  Arjun rampal as the Ra.One has brief presence. Bebo is dashing in “chhammak chhallo” and Akon’s voice has given it a midas touch. Graphically,  a lot has been done in this movie too but somehow all looks ridiculous, unlike serious action of Krishh.

My Take: Children will love this movie. For Adults …watchable at most Once for Ra.ONE and g.ONE.

P.S.: I did find some connection between, so many commercials Ra. One the movie is associated with and the movie itself— That there was none.

Harry Potter and the deathly Hollows

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Deathly Hollows Part 1, I do not know how many of you people liked it. But I felt it very unlikely of Harry Potter movies bereft of trademark Harry potter Actions. Recently I happened to watch Part 2 in one of my friend’s house and I must say, this was the ultimate movie with all punches and turns & twists.

Alan Rickman aka Prof Severus Snape has again done a wonderful performance. Daniel Radcliffe Performance as usual will be loved by all. Wisely and Emma Watson has again done wonderful act.

The story begins with Harry potter searching for the three items where from Lord Voldermort  draws his power. The trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione gradually are able to find and destroy his source of power. In the meantime, true character of Prof Snape is revealed to harry.

Last Scene: Harry married to Ron’s sister come to Platform 9 3\4 to drop their Son & daughter. And son’s name is…………. Ron and Hermione are married and they come to drop their son and daughter.

Lord Voldermort finally departs… I will rate this at 8 upon 10.

Over all a good  watch.

Source: IMDB

Dam maro dam – Reprise

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I guess the reaction of movie goers for Dam maro dam might not be optimistic but the music is super cool (obviously with some exceptions).  Few songs which I liked and still keep on humming are :-

For lyrics click here

I just love Mohit Chauhan’s voice. This is the Te Amo (Reprise) sung by him. Lyrics are here

Ps: The dum maro dum recreated song is just too BAD to Mention.

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Dam maro dam

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So finally, it was the day for a hindi masala bollywood flick. Having no other choice we decided to take a chance on two and a half starred (By TOI) movie “Dam Maro Dam“. Having read few reviews and ratings we decided to take chill pill and just enjoy the Masala Dosa from Ramesh Sippy productions.

Having created an image for Big B as Angry young man years before, It was the time for thr Jr B. Jr B plays the role of rough and tough but corrupt Police (Later changed). Praetik’s work is interesting and his image pretty much goes along with Goans. Bips is nothing more than a glam doll with those ready to kill cat eyes.

Despite all reviews and ratings, I saw a packed theater at night show. But to my horror, they have ruined the classic song ” dam maaro dam“. Aby baby as usual had some overacting/over reacting whatever you call. Pratiek was cool and locations, few scenes which I remeber are definitely from Goa. Songs are good except that rap song. Plot is nice and some suspense adds to the pace. You might feel like getting dragged most of the time, till when writer realised that he is to write a story in flow.

My verdict : can watch it for once, not as bad as they have reviewed.

You’ve got Mail

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Very powerful words !

As I said in my last post, I’m enchanted with this movie. Here I’m gonna write few lines which I liked most in this movie… Some lines which you would generally miss in the flow of the movie.

[The picturisation when they come out of their respective houses, in the beginning of the movie, where they cross each other every time without having known each other, they go to same place but don’t recognize each other is simply superb.]

It is not Personal, Strictly business.

F…O…X…. Can you spell cat? …F…O…X….

Just call me Joe….

What were you doing…. Twirling…

What’s with Men and Godfather?

Godfather is answer to all your Questions. Supposw you have to go somewhere and you ask what should i pack? … leave the canary …take the gun… What day of week it is?…. San day…Man day….

So dearie what have you decided to do? CLOSE… I’m going to Close… Close…Closing the Store is the bravest thing to do…

You’re daring to Imagine that you could have a different life…. You feel like a big fat failure now, but you’re NOT. You are marching into the unknown armed with … Nothing.

if you need more ask me… I’m very rich… I bought Intel at 6.

Is there someone else? No … no but there is a dream of someone else.

The song in background – remember… remember…Life is never as it seems….. Dreeeeeeeeeeeaaammmmmm….. far away…life was clear… close your eyes…


“Everyone should jump in air.


We jump, the elevator thinks no one is here, and it opens.

One.. two… Three.. Jump…”

People are always telling you that Change is good thing but all they are really saying is that something you didn’t want to happen at all, has Happened.

“How can you forgive this guy for standing you up….. and not forgive me for this tiny little thing… putting you out of business….Oh How I wish you would….


I’ll say Goodbye to all my sorrow and by tomorrow I’ll be on my way. I guess the lord must be in New York city

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