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Let there be Light…

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Story about Bhagalpur and the electricity hasn’t changed much in these years. The power crisis in the silk city is as grave as it used to be decades back, when I was there. The city in particular, barely saw the bulb glowing for continuous 4 hours a day. And it continues to be the same, despite the much talked about development agenda of a neo Chief Minister. This government seems to be more pathetic because the very Own Deputy CM is elected by the same people of Bhagalpur.

The new development that we heard long back is the NTPC‘s new Power station coming up at Badh, the largest in the country. 5 years have gone by but the station is still incomplete. Kahalgaon continues to be the sole station generating power. Bihar gets a fraction of the electricity produced by it. Center has no answer for this and Nitish raises this issue of step brotherly treatment by center.

The recent acute power shortage has hit the entire state, not only Bhagalpur but Purnia, Saharsha, Begusarai, Muzzafarpur and others also. Reason being, the derailment of wagon carrying coal to Kahalgaon Thermal Station. Now, who is responsible for the upkeep of railways? Aren’t public paying Taxes? Why this negligence? It’s time Public servants (with public servants I mean elected Politicians be at center or state or in Govt or in opposition) get their facts straight. NO WORK-NO VOTE.

My suggestion, Don’t be complacent, if you are sitting MLA or MP. If you can’t work, that place is not for you. There are millions waiting, Seat is up for Grab Mr. Minister

Let there be Light…

TOI Article on Acute Power Shortage

Turnaround of Indian State could serve as Model

A Trip down the Memory lane

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My Purpose

Every trip you undertake always has a purpose. Be it for fun or a quick visit to your hometown or for adventure  and so on and on. I had one such trip, I would like to share it with you.

It was chilly December of 2008, I made a trip with few of my friends and our guru. Winter was  in its prime in North India. River Koshi had created havoc in most of the northern districts of Bihar. Koshi is often called ‘Sorrow of Bihar‘ for the havoc it creates every year. Millions of lives are affected every year. People lose their homes, their cattle even their agricultural land to River Koshi.

The team decided to visit the nearest flood affected area in Madhepura District. Since the bridge connecting Purnea and Madhepura was broken, we sent the truck load of relief materials a day ahead on Saturday. Students of batulda, who are present across India, helped to create fund. And materials like old clothes were sent to our place, from where it had to be distributed to affected areas.  On chilling Sunday morning, we embarked on a journey for shram-daan, the least we could do.

Bihar Districts

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It was barely visible outside, but the cab driver was on its full flow. He belonged to the same village we were going to.

We had to leave the cab on this side of river.  We took a boat ride to other side. Another cab was already there.


Boat ride across the river

There was another bridge broken which Indian Army had fixed, within 24 hours of it being broken.

Few more Pictures will tell you the Story. Check out the Slide show.

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That day I had a feeling of satisfaction. The whole group enjoyed the process and while we were returning everyone had a wonderful smile on their faces. Check out this video, I shot while returning.

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My Journey through languages…

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Reference: The power of the world

This post is inspired by Charlie, my blog buddy. It’s been 3 days since we exchanged greetings, but seems we know each other since ages. I am not praising him all because he has dedicated an entire post to me. But the very idea of writing this post, came from him. His post “How I learned french German and Spanish?” covers his entire journey of life till date. So I dedicate this post to Charlie  🙂

Language of the world

Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step… Read the rest of this entry »

सुबह की पहली किरण…the Morning Glory

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सुबह की पहली किरण…पक्छी चह चहा रहे हैं…मानो प्रातः काल का स्वागत गान गा रहे हो … ऐसा मनोरम दृश्य आपको केवल केरला मे ही उपलब्ध हो सकता है…हमेशा से ही मुझे प्रकृति का सानिध्य उत्साहित करता रहा है… . मेरे पैत्रिक घर के पीछे एक बगीचा है | इसमे ८-९ प्रकार के आम के वृक्ष हैं, लीची के और अमरुद के ४-५ पेड़ हैं | और इन सभी का देख भाल मेरी माताजी खुद अपनी देख रेख मे करवाती है… जब भी कभी मे अपने पैत्रिक घर जाता हूँ.. सबसे पहले बगीचे की सैर करता हूँ | पत्तों की खुशभु, मिटटी की सौंधी सी महक, आह!   यहाँ आ कर मुझे हमेशा लगता है की  मेरा शारीर फिर से रि चार्ज  हो गया हो |  चेन्नई  की भीड़ भाड़ से ये जगह कितनी प्यारी है…

फिरमेरा तबादला यहाँ केरला मे हो गया सो… चेन्नई के बाद केरला का सफ़र मेरे लिए सपनो का साकार होना जैसा ही था..ना ज्यादा प्रदूसन , ना ज्यादा भीड़ भाड़ …यहाँ के लोग भी भागम भाग मे ज्यादा विश्वाश नहीं करते| सब कुछ समय से पर आराम से…कोई हड़बड़ी नहीं…मेट्रोस जैसा की चेन्नई,  मुंबई से बिलकुल भिन्न … वहां तो मानो लोगों का रेला लगा हो  और सभी कहीं न कहीं दौड़ रहे होते हैं…

सुबह सुबह बाहर बालकोनी मे कॉफ़ी का आनंद  ले  रहा हूँ… 🙂

kerala sunrise

subah subah "the morning"

Please Contribute…

In Bihar on September 2, 2008 at 4:34 pm

Situation in flodd affectd areas are worsening day by day. The worst hit are part of supaul, Madhepura and Araria districts and rapidly spreading to the adjoining district of Purnia and Saharsa. People are rendered homeless.

Please contribute generously towards Chief Minister Relief Fund

Contributions made to Chief Minister Relief Fund shall qualify for 100 per cent exemption from Income Tax

under section 80g(2)(iii)(hf) of the Income-Tax Act.

Contributions can be sent by Cheque or Bank Draft in the name of

CHIEF MINISTER RELIEF FUND payable at PATNA. Funds can also be sent by electronic transfer into the account of:


State Bank of India,

Account Number: 10839124928

Branch: Patna Secretariat,


The cheques/bank drafts may be sent to the following address:


Chiet Minister Secretariat4,

Deshratna Marg,

Patna Bihar,

India – 800001

Telephone no: 0612-2222430, 2217793.

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