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What you do, when you have the block?

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Let me start with an anecdote. In the dead of night, I received a call from a very good friend of mine. This friend of mine, let me tell you is way better than me in blogging arena. In fact I stand no where in front of him. I was telling, I received the call from him and what I heard him telling  “Dude  I’m having the writers block, what next?”  Next moment I found myself googling writer’s block.

Well, I do not deny having the same feeling but never knew having a technical term for that feeling, Writer’s Block, wow ! I went through several blog reading  through this block term and literally found some inspiring  articles.

I have tried my ways to overcome these block feelings. I just take my fountain pen and a sheet of paper and write incessantly for 5 minutes. i just don’t think. I write, whatever comes to mind. I go with flow. not thinking just writing. Sometime it makes me feel like writing more and sometime it gives me few ideas to think over it and do some blog post writing.  Let me tell you the truth, once I tried writing a blog post in that 10 min block time and after ward when I read it, I was surprised. Here’s the post.  How good can u actually write when you are writing from a sub conscious mind rather writing the other way (at least my standard of writing). I admit, I’m naïve in this business of writing, but writing interests me. And I’m sure it will get better with Time. BOL! 🙂


  • Write like you’ll live forever
  • Write like you’ll croak today
  • Write.
    Write more.
    Write even more.
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Some references:

Some Advice to read, but let you decide what you wanna do.


Curious Case of Junagadh

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“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. This was a moment that which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to new, when an age ends, and when soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance…”   Tryst with destiny


The speech, rich in emotion and rhetoric has been widely quoted since that night and continues to remain one of the most touchy ones till date.

Currently I’m reading Ramachandra Guha‘s “India after Gandhi – The History of the World’s Largest Democracy“. I must admit, this is so interesting a read that I wanted to write few excerpts from the book pertaining to the drama that followed after Independence in relation with the making India as one dominion.

Many accounts have been written on what happened just before and after 15th August, 1947. But very few book account the details how India who, in pre British Raj, was an amalgamation of some 550 princely state came together as ONE. Many historians, academicians  and political theorist had one question in mind, ” Even if India wins freedom, how long will they able to sustain it?” and “Will the disintegration of India shall stop with Indo-Pak division?” These questions have troubled many of them as and when India and the Indians continued to believe in the ideals of democracy. For the India stood for exception to their rules. The book deals in detail about the incident that followed independence day. The efforts of iron man of India, Sardar Patel, and V P Menon in bringing some 564 princely states under one banner is exemplary.

Particular references have been made for states such as TravancoreBhopal, Junagadh and Hyderabad and a separate chapter on Kashmir.

However theres is something special about Junagadh (which in my opinion is responsible to some extent to the crisis in Kashmir).

Curious Case of Junagadh

(The writing that follows is my interpretation of the story of Junagadh from the book, Read it at your own Risk 😉 )

Junagadh, one of the few states  that had not signed up by 15th August, had a muslim nawab ruling over mainly hindu populace. So according to Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s “Two Nation Theory”, Junagadh having 82% of hindu population had to accede to Indian dominion. However the Nawab of Junagadh advised by its minister announced accession to Pakistan. Pakistan pondered over this issue for few weeks then finally assented to the accession. [This be known that while C P Ramaswamy, the then Dewan of Travancore, had declared Independence of Travancore, Jinnah had welcomed it.]

 “It seems to have done this in the belief that it could then use Junagadh as a bargaining counter to secure Jammu and Kashmir. That state too had not acceded to either dominion by 15th August. It had Hindu Maharaja and a majority Muslim population: in structural terms, It was Junagadh in Reverse.”

The accession to Pakistan had enraged Indian leaders. Within few weeks of accession to Pakistan people of Junagadh revolted against nawab. He fled to Karachi and left Junagadh in the hands of his ministers. Sir Shah Nawaz the then Dewan of Junagadh wrote to Muhammad Ali Jinnah that, after immediate accession a number of congratulations poured in, but when situation is grim, Pakistan and muslim brethren are indifferent and cold. Muslim of Kathiawar had lost all their enthusiasm for Pakistan. Finally after long drama, Sir Shah Nawaz handed over the administration to Indian Government.

While all this was happening, Indian delegation met Jinnah on junagadh issue. Jinnah’s response was that the matter of accession is of Nawab that holds a plebiscite or public opinion is inconsequential.

While Nehru always wanted Kashmir to be part of India, Patel was at one time inclined to allow the state to join Pakistan. His mind changed on September 13, the day the Pakistan Govt. accepted the accession of Junagadh. For “if Jinnah could take hold of a Hindu-majority state with muslim ruler, why should the Sardar not be interested in a Muslim majority state with a hindu Ruler”

What followed is known to all…


Are you being duped?

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I open my mail and here it is. A whooping cash of Rs 3.5 Million waiting for me. And I was the one of the few selected from entire India,for this much cash prize.

The mail sent to me read like this…

An Official Invitation has been issued in your name. It confirms that you are amongst those selected from the whole of India, who may activate an exclusive Sweepstakes entry opportunity. If you are drawn winner of our Super Grand Prize, you’d have sole claim to a cash amount worth  35,00,000.00.

You may be surprised to know that in all of India, less than 1% of the households have been selected to receive a fabulous offer from Reader’s Digest. While many of your neighbours will never be selected, you have already been fortunate enough to clear two of the three stages there are to becoming a winner in our Rupees 1 Crore Sweepstakes 2011!

Now it’s all up to you to make the most of your opportunity. Simply click here to access the private web site to activate your Sweepstakes entry opportunity.

~ Sweepstakes Director

P.S. When people receive a Sweepstakes invitation — like the one you now have — they often decide to discard it, thinking, no one ever really wins. And it is a fact that if you choose to ignore the chance to enter the Rupees 1 Crore Sweepstakes 2011, you will NEVER win ANYTHING in the Draw. Don’t let this guaranteed opportunity slip away, just click here to access the site and you could win
35,00,000.00. Act quickly!

Since I can’t handle this much money. I offer you the prize 😉



no spam!

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Now this mail was sent by a well known Job portal named as some famous magazine. Spamming my mailbox in the name of promotions!!! Outrageous, Intolerable!


Another Interesting Incident

Recently, I had experienced a spamming sequence which was unusual and the guy on the other side was persistently sending mails. My friend works in a well known bank. I had gone to his bank for some official work. While I had been there, He received a mail from an NRI customer, say Mr X. The mail said something Un-Interesting happened with Mr X. He said He had been to London for an official trip [he lives in London]. The hotel he was staying in was robbed, [mind it, hotel was robbed]. He lost his wallet, his documents and what all [he lives in london, why the hell ! he needed a hotel UNLESS… 😉 ]. He said, he had 2-3 Fixed deposits in that branch [the name actually had FD]. He asked very politely, to send those money through Western Union or Money gram. [ the bank has discontinued the services of Western Union or money Gram].

Branch manager replied very politely that the services are not available. Manager also asked him to quote his account number. No sooner did he reply, he got reply to his mail.

The bugger had replied with an account number alien to the branch 🙂 .

I casually asked the manager, Sir I think this is spam. He said, “Yes, I know. I’m just checking how far does he go?” 😀

Finally the guy on the other side understood, here it would not be possible 😀 😀

Moral of the Story

Beware of Spams particularly with your financial transactions. Never ever divulge details of your account number, password, username, date of birth etc to anyone, either through mail or Phone.

Banks would never ask these stuffs on Phone or mail.

P.S.  Don’t click on any link in the mail

TBTC Syndrome

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jaago re

Jaagoe re and Blogadda presents

Let me Start with an incident that happened last spring.

A small Incident

It was spring break and I had come home for a week. My younger brother had holidays and he was also with us. How it happens , when you come home after a long time, you wish to go around and look what has changed in your city. I overwhelmed with this feeling took out my bike. While  Coming back, I saw a huge crowd circling someone at Ford Company Chowk. Ford Company Chowk (Junction) is accident prone area mostly due to the blind curves, no speed breakers and narrow roads. I thought of inquiring what has happened. But again turned a blind eye and moved on. Unfortunately I had not learnt my lessons, yet.

At 2:30 Papa, me and babu (my bro) sat for lunch. I curiously asked, “Papa, was there any accident at Ford Company Chowk?” They both smiled in unison. I was confused. Then Papa started his story.

He was coming back from a meeting moments after I had crossed Ford Company Chowk. He stopped to look for what had happened. And the sight before him put him to shock. It was babu trying to lift his motorcycle, lying on the road and nearby there was a goat with fractured limb. Apparently he had skid and hurt himself, trying to save the goat. And the crowd were demanding compensation for the broken limb of the goat. Papa used his presence of mind and acted as if he didn’t know babu. He tried to help babu as some odd person would have tried to help. He asked babu, Sir, are you hurt? Babu was quizzed but he understood and complied with. Soon Papa managed to sort out things and took babu to hospital for his first aid. There was nothing serious but could have been worst. Babu returned home and then Papa came too for lunch.

Now it was my turn to smile. But somewhere something inside was aching. Why didn’t I inquired? What if Papa had not gone there. Babu would have been in trouble. And lots more ill-thoughts came to mind.

That day I had learnt my lesson. To hell with TBTC syndrome. I shall at least try to inquire and will do the needful from now onwards. I was indeed lucky to be part of Batul da Students association, which takes social initiatives for people in need.

We often complain of lack of time for anything and everything that falls out of our comfort zone. Our lives has become a web of chores. Get up in the morning, if you’re health freak, then do some yoga, getting your kids ready for school, have breakfast and move out for office. And when evening dawns, get back to home. That’s it. we are oblivious of the world around us.

How many times have we stopped and inquired about, why there was such crowd etc. Often our tendencies are to get away from ruckus. kaun pachde mae pade bhai, nikal lo bagal se. Whoever gathers around, does it to get entertained, nothing else. I’m no different. We all suffer fromTBTC SyndromeToo Busy To Care.

I ask you all, Please DO NOT get induced by TBTC syndrome. I learnt my lesson hard way. I don’t want you to learn your lesson this way. Take some time out to get involve with people around you. With the busy lives and apartment fashion, we don’t even know, who is our neighbour. Get in touch with people, try to be of some help in their times of need. At the end what we earn is Human Capital through investment in Human capital. All other things will be left aside. What will remain ingrained in other’s mind will be your memories.

Will work for Social Change



I’m dying, But so are you all

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An interesting form of greetings, isn’t it?  “How are you feeling?” But the answer can be more interesting.

Let me share with you what happened this morning. As usual I started for my office at 8:30 am. While I was getting down the stairs, My landlord’s son comes out of his house. I asked, How you doing? The guy’s reply made me think for a while.

“Don’t ask bro I’m darn pissed”Why what happened?…. You don’t know? … NO… Damn this Indian Bowling… (I smiled, every one has the same grudge. It’s surprising, No body had stoned Dhoni’s house or issued death threat yet.) Controlling my thoughts I said, sh’IT’ happens, don’t mind.

I didn’t expect such a reply to a very common form of greetings. 🙂 Anyway, I came across this tweet from Deepak Chopra. An interesting and thought-provoking reply to the very same question.

“How are you feeling?”    “I’m dying. But so are you all.”   Lord Budhha

Have you ever thought of this? We all are dying one day, finally. Why not give life your best. Share your bright and best moments, share good things, good news. Share your happiness, your sorrows and most of all Share your Smile. 🙂 Life is too short to hate anyone. It’s a gift of GOD. Use it wisely.  Be good to all.

PS: Sorry Dhoni, I was van-damn angry at you. But that was yesterday. Do your best. 🙂

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