Guest Comments

Dear Reader,

This page is being added keeping in view the convenience of esteemed  readers of my Blog. Your feedback shall provide me an insight to improve upon.

Dare to be true: nothing can need a lie: A fault, which needs it most, grows two thereby–George Herbert

I shall take this opportunity to Thank you for visiting this blog. I shall endeavor to provide you with more and more of nicely written and interesting posts, with love and support from you.

Thanks and regards.


  1. I shall return to your blog, my friend. I really enjoy the quotations you use.

    I, too, use my blog as a sort of day-to-day Journal (though I keep a separate personal journal on my PC). It is no bad thing to express one’s thoughts and personal outlook on life – it may sometimes serve to remind ourselves how we felt about certain things at a certain time in our lives.

    • Thanks Keith,
      A Public Journal has its positives and Negatives. But Positive weigh more. So keep on writing, I visited your blog… Loved some pics u clicked..
      Happy Blogging 🙂

  2. Interesting blog. Keep it up.

  3. Nice blog Rajiv. And I quite agree with Keith Stevenson’s view too. Enjoyed reading some posts here. I assumed you are new to blogging like me, but I was wrong! You have been blogging for 5yrs now..good on ya!

    • hey there,
      Knot2share… 🙂 nice name impressive. Liked your posts. I’ve posted few comments. I guess you need to put some pictures on your blog… otherwise it will be dull. I have learnt this in process.. try it. i would be glad to be your blog-buddy

      P.S. : I’ve subscribed to meri duniya 🙂

  4. interesting blog. (:

    • Thanks joy 🙂 strive to make it more worth full to all of you

      • Hi Rajiv,
        I too love to read and write a lot.
        I think you and I would make good “blog buddies.”
        My main BLOG is here: http://www.cbcourtois.newsvine.com which you can peruse in one-click!
        Take care,

        PS: I decided to take the post daily challenge, wrote here about: What I Would Do if I was Going to Die in 60 Minutes.

        • Hey Charlie,
          Sure we can be Blog-buddies.
          Visited your blog, Interesting write ups, Particularly the Headline Quote. I like to get acquainted with all religion. So your blog is a welcome arrival 🙂
          Thanks for coming by 🙂

  5. I just saw the Pingback that came from your site regarding 13 friday.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    – sandra

  6. Hello Rajiv!
    I found your blog from the comment section of ‘post-a-day/blogging buddies’ and you have a very interesting, well rounded blog! I will keep reading & offer encouragement to blog daily, if you would like stop by my blog anytime. I am a Mixed Media Artist hoping to get published maybe you will find something to interest you. I write personal posts as well. Hope to see you soon.


  7. My blog address:http://impactbooksandart.wordpress.com/
    Books, e-books, art, social issues & The Torn Trilogy…My blog is new

  8. Thanks For he visit. Will surely visit ur blog

  9. Interesting blog! I will have a look through 🙂

  10. Rajiv, your blog is nice and your articles are well drafted. You are the first among the circle of my friends who is a fellow blogger like me!

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