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“Dussehra -Good over Evil” in Modern Day

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The holy book ‘The Gita‘ says, whenever there will be excess of evil Lord will rebirth to wipe out the evil from the face of the earth. I do not Know if the theory of incarnations  even exist. and I have never seen such godly act of wiping out the evil from the face of earth even though we see excesses being done everywhere.


India Celebrates Dussehra


English: Picture taken in 2005 at Maddox Squar...

English: Picture taken in 2005 at Maddox Square, Kolkata. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today India is celebrating Dussehra which basically symbolises “Win of goodness over evil“.  This day Goddess Durga (symbolising women power) hunts down demon Mahishasura.  This day Lord Rama killed the proud King Ravan.  Let me share with you Why it was Goddess Durga who had to Kill demon Mahishasura despite the presence of the almighty Trimurtis. In fact upon hard meditation and prayers the demon mahishasura gets a boon from God Brahma (The creator) that no Man can kill him. Now with this power his atrocities grows day by day to such an extent that his excesses continues over the women. Finally, It comes to the Adi Shakti to end the excesses of the demon. She symbolises the women power. What No man could Do, It was upto the ultimate Source of Power theAdi Shakti, Goddess Durga to put an end to Mahishasura. Also if you happen to see Ramayana (video as under), Ultimately SitaWife of Lord Rama & One of the form of Adi Shakti was the cause of the death of the Ravana.




Modern day Durga ?


The Excesses s against women, corruption, and many un social evils are prospering day by day, unabetting . Having said that,I must say, I’m no atheist but simply waiting for some super power to wipe out evil is neither acceptable nor feasible.  What I see is a girl from Pakistan, Malala, who raises her voice for the education which is the basic right of every individual and more so for the girl child. This girl has not even crossed primes of her age and is already a force to reckon with. I see the Goddess Durga  in her, fighting against the evil/ demon of illiteracy.


The Crusader -Malala Yousafzai


Picture courtesey: Lena Shareeff’s Blog Jasoos


What this day symbolises is “win of good over evil” …….. excuse me …I DO NOT see any good ness around or if it’s even present in people like Malala or people like Anna, I do not see any WIN. DO YOU?  We must make an introspection, Why there is darn NO WIN?  Let me help you with a story which every one of us must have heard in our childhood.




Once upon  a time there was an Old man.  He had four sons. One night, he had a dream that he was going to die. Next morning he called for all his sons. He gave each of them a piece of stick and asked them to break it. Each one of them broke it easily. Then he gave each of them four such sticks tied together and asked them to break. None of them could break it.


Moral of the Story


Before I say further, Let me ask you, if you saw the video I posted above. This video is a Ramlila play which depicts How Sita is tortured by Ravan and how Ram kills Ravan and eventually people celebrate. That all happened in past where we had one ravana one mahishasura fighting. But in the modern day the evil or the demon is multifaceted  It has taken the forms of corruption the forms of illiteracy, the forms of crime against the girl child, crime against women and many many many more. It seems the lesson what we needed to take from the story has been put on our face by the evil.  They have become united in their effort to spread anarchy across the globe.


A Ramlila actor wears the traditional attire o...

A Ramlila actor wears the traditional attire of Ravana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Here I must ask you to rewind the video to the point where the protagonist of the movie Shah Rukh Khan sings few line Impressing the need to fight the modern day Evil.  I will put that particular clip for you here.



“Ram hi to Karuna me hai Shanti me Ram hai”
“Ram hi hai Ekta me Pragati me Ram hai”
“Ram bas bhakton nahi Shatru ki bhi chintan me hai”
“Dekh taj ke paap Ravan Ram tere Man me hai..Ram Mere Man me hai”
“Ram to ghar ghar me hai, Ram har aangan me hai”
“Man se Ravan Jo nikale Ram uske Man me hai”


Ram is in Peace, Unity, Progress, not only in followers’ mind but also in enemy’s mind.  O’ Ravan If you let go all the evil you will find Ram in you, Ram is in every home, everywhere.  Ram is in anybody’s who shuns evil from his/her mind. This is the rough message which this line presents.


let me come back to the point.  Single Malala or single Anna or Single Arvind can’t break the shackles. We ought to support them in the endeavours. Then only we can expect to WIN.


One such effort, I have seen in Lena Shareef’s Blog post #GIRL WITH THE BOOK, where she has become a media in support for Malala Yousafzai.  Let us begin with support to this young child in her crusades by supporting Lena in her endeavours.


***If you want to join the #GIRLWITHABOOK movement, please submit a picture of yourself with a book to girlwithabookmovement@gmail.com. Make sure to include the title of the book and the city, state, country that you took your picture****

Feel free to post on our Facebook page or tweet at us @_girlwithabook as well. We invite submissions from girls, boys, men and women, because a cause like this needs support from everyone.  



Let us say No to Bribe


Let us say No to Illiteracy


Let us Wholeheartedly say YES to a Girl Child 🙂 


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How do you stay entertained?

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“Snowed In”? or “Snowed Under?”

Before I start my todays post, let me tell you, I’m residing at the southern part of India. This part doesn’t really get cold. The min temperature being around 30-32 deg celsius. For details of the Indian Climate, please see my reply to Monica. There is no possible way to get “snowed in” here, unless it is WordPress blog snowing.  🙂  That too I guess is stopped since Jan 4th.

I take a slight liberty to tweak the title a bit to suit my post.

I had this in mind, I had to do something new here. There is a benefit of being “no body”, there is no expectations from you. If you do, not unlike others it’s ok nobody is gonna mind it. If you try something new, you get recognized. That’s the beauty of being nobody. I can only hope that someday either Joy Victory ‘The Czar’ or Erica Johnson stumble through my post. 😛

image Source: celestialtoystore.blogspot.com

Snowed Under…

Wiktionary says Snowed under means ‘having lot of work‘. Here I am, snowed under.

Being a newcomer to an organization has its pros & cons. You get to learn a lot and every one tries to hand over their petty  jobs to make you learn their job. Initially you are given all kind of small works, which ‘they’ find boring. Then gradually you start taking up more and more responsibilities hence more work. However, I don’ find it different in any organization be it corporate or college.There is a certain scheme to take things ahead for everybody at everyplace.

In my engineering days, we had Workshop Classes. In that class, we used to do all sorts of jobs (they used to call it Jobs). Being a carpenter for a week and making cubes. Being smith the other week and shaping red-hot iron. It was fun 🙂  but I was confused. Why Engineers have to all these jobs, Won’t there be carpenter or smith to do it for you?. I posed this question to my father. He said Son, first understand this “There is no such thing called SMALL jobs or BIG jobs.” ” Every job in this world is Important. Don’t run away from work, however small it be. You are going to be Engineer, one day. You must know, how to do things correct way. Then only, you can guide others.” I still remember his words.

How do I entertain myself?

Taking his advice,  I try not to refuse any one. But, sometime I get bogged down being snowed under work. I take 2-3 minutes break. Stroll around, talk to customers, chat with colleagues, listen to their jokes. This makes me feel a bit relaxed.

Did I mention? We have speakers installed in our office, which plays soft instrumental songs. That’s a great stress buster. Slow instrumental music. There is no need to remember what were the words, just flow with the soothing music. I prefer Illayaraja or A R Rahman (instrumentals) or kailash kher. This keeps me fresh and I get back to work to get Snowed under again. 🙂

Indian composer A.R. Rahman opens the studios ...

Image via Wikipedia

So, How do you get yourself entertained, when you are ‘Snowed under’?

P.S. : I tried putting a pic of my friend really Snowed under heavy pressure of MBA life, but some error pops in. IO error 😦

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