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Onion & Indo-Pak

In Humor, News, Pictures, Politics, scribblings on December 24, 2010 at 7:39 pm

Once I got angry and walked out of home, and came the usual sarcasm  of The parents  ” जाओ जाओ, जब आटा दाल का भाव पता चलेगा, तो खुद ही वापस घर आओगे” [go-go! you will soon come back ,when you get to know the prices of dough and pulse]. But sorry,  the dialogue is a decade old. Now in the present context, they might be saying… go son go! I’m sure you will come back when you get to know the onion prices 🙂 .


Onion, Politics & Oil

Onion prices have a history of toppling governments in India. In 1998 Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) , now in opposition at center, was defeated in Delhi state election after a six fold increase in Onion prices. And under the present government, prices have skyrocketed fueling inflation beyond reach of mango man. UPA govt is trying all possible methods to check prices. It has already increased export duty by approx hundred percent, railways are running special trains to cater to the Onion deprived areas. Agri minister Mr Pawar is facing ire of junta and Mr Prime minister for not having monitored the prices. Mr Prime minister fears that history might repeat  and loksabha polls at round the corner public might not forget the onion deprivation they faced under UPA rule.

Onion prices seems to be global crisis with middle east countries also facing the onion depravity. “Onion could be next Oil”. Stay tuned, by next decade if India can harness its potential to save Onion from flurry of “Indra- The Rain God”, it would be in a position to bargain  ‘Oil ‘ for  ‘Onion’.


Reports suggest that govt is not keen on importing onions from neighbours, but truck loads of onions is coming into India through WagahAttari Border and is being directly flown to South India. Now you might ask “why south India that too directly??” – very valid question, you know how difficult life would be for me, if I don’t find onion in sambhar or masala dosa and mostly Onion-garlic pickle.

I feel, what the long and rusty meetings between the diplomats of two countries or the cultural exchange could not achieve, “Onions can do“, it can create Wonders !   🙂 Yes you heard it, Onion can really mend relations between so-called arch rivals India & Pakistan.

It has got potential to  repair dwindling Pak economy by employing terrorists truck drivers  and definitely Manmohan Singh is going to avoid public ire and comments about ” Not being able to control ONION prices, despite being an imminent economist himself”. He will be happy about it.

Three cheers for hike in prices ! for the sake of Indo-Pak relations.


So I’m writing a petition to govt to consider import , those in favour, please sign the petition 🙂 here under


P.S :  I’m gonna miss cricket battle between India & Pakistan

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