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Written in Dust: The Keyboard Speaks (via Why I Never Lived, and why I always lied)

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Somehow our subconscious mind at work says a lot about our character. Ever tried looking unto self through seemingly non-existent stuffs, such as keyboard of your PC or laptop. Here’s a stupendous blog post .


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A mere use of  symbol does that tell you something about you, neither it did to me. But this man IKTM has read into it and suggests what could you be thinking.

I see keys like A J and ) and . and ; ans SHIFT and CAPSLOCK are cleaner than other keys… i understand a bit about my usage of words or symbols as to I do put smiley 😉 mostly winking and 🙂 smiling. B’coz I’m mostly a smile on face man 😉 . I emphasize mu point by putting it in CAPS. Besides I finish off a line with three continuous DOTS most of the time… Read on further for more interesting analysis. Happy Reading !

“The faintest ink is more powerful than the greatest memory.” As I was dusting my keyboard yesterday, I noticed a more stubborn type of dust on some of the keys, which I didn’t rub off: it was precious. Why? Because it told a very interesting tale… Of the keys in the alphabet, Q had a significantly greater covering of the dust than any of the other keys, most of which were clean. TAB was a bit cleaner than the CAPS LOCK key, indicating clearly … Read More

via Why I Never Lived, and why I always lied

So, What does Your KEYBOARD speaks about YOU?

Timing is Important

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This is a short post. It was meant to be an experiment with the time  posts are published. In the last few weeks I have observed a  co-relation between the Time you publish your post and the traffic that follows.

Image via Dreamstime

In the last week, I have published it post midnight and the results were quiet good. For the last two days I changed my time of publishing to evening and the results varied.

May be the idea of publishing the post in the evening is not good. I shall revert back to my old-timing, when I can reach out to largest number of People.





“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”
— Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) French sculptor

What time of the day You publish your post?

Blogging and site traffic (via Keith’s World)

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How should I increase Traffic on my blog? How shall I know, how much time my readers spend on my blog? Questions like this and more are always in the mind of a blogger, particularly the newbies. What’s the Answer, Where to find this? I chanced upon Keith’s blog and here I find similar Problems. He has actually tried to analyse the problem. But every one is looking for the answers. Some other issues pertaining to WordPress Blogs in particular, are also mentioned. Here’s my small ‘contribution’ to this… Read the rest of this entry »

Aaall iz Welllll !

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Phew… the day started with me getting up late. Blogging has some side effects too. I am much of a nocturnal, when it come to writing any piece how so ever good or bad it may be. Consequently I look tiresome. On top of that, a monotonous job which might induce sleep in any energetic chap. Courtesy, quarterly reviews  due this month end.

Any way, it’s evening other collegues had allready gone. Me planning to exit as soon i complete my work. My manager comes  ” You need to report to this office wef tommorow”. wth! I had plans with my brother who was to arrive here. I asked sir for how many days , soon came the reply ” no idea!”... sir ji what you doing “get an idea” I thought. I could realise, my heart beat increasing . It’s not that i dont love travelling, but the language factor steals the shine from the fun part.  ” Aaal iz well.. aal iz well… i console my heart… finally 3 idiot mantra helped poor heart to ease.

This brings me to the mantra” aaal iz wellll“. As protagigonist says in the movie” heart is very much like a child and  it fears most is change, an iota of change and it panics. You need to console it. You need to disguise the problem from him . It assures the poor chap that everything is alright, nothing to worry. so AAALLLL IZZZ WELLL 🙂

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