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Who is a teacher?

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I am going to keep it Short.

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.
-William A. Ward

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.
-Khalil Gibran

One can’t be a good teacher, if s/he doesn’t believe what s/he teaches. I feel, teaching is a tough job. One has to go to the level of student to make them understand. I, myself, am a pathetic teacher. I get irritated very often, if someone fails to understand. You can say, it’s my inability to go deep down that level and make them understand. For hat matter, My younger brother is definitely good. Even when I had difficulty understanding any concept, I’d consult him and He would explain things very clearly.


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In general, if you see today, teaching has become more or less a profession. Just a medium to earn money-TAX FREE money. That urge to pass on the knowledge is missing most of the time.
Who is a teacher? One who teaches you. right? In that way, you learn lots of things from several people, then are all of them your teacher?

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A Trip down the Memory lane

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My Purpose

Every trip you undertake always has a purpose. Be it for fun or a quick visit to your hometown or for adventure  and so on and on. I had one such trip, I would like to share it with you.

It was chilly December of 2008, I made a trip with few of my friends and our guru. Winter was  in its prime in North India. River Koshi had created havoc in most of the northern districts of Bihar. Koshi is often called ‘Sorrow of Bihar‘ for the havoc it creates every year. Millions of lives are affected every year. People lose their homes, their cattle even their agricultural land to River Koshi.

The team decided to visit the nearest flood affected area in Madhepura District. Since the bridge connecting Purnea and Madhepura was broken, we sent the truck load of relief materials a day ahead on Saturday. Students of batulda, who are present across India, helped to create fund. And materials like old clothes were sent to our place, from where it had to be distributed to affected areas.  On chilling Sunday morning, we embarked on a journey for shram-daan, the least we could do.

Bihar Districts

Image via Wikipedia


It was barely visible outside, but the cab driver was on its full flow. He belonged to the same village we were going to.

We had to leave the cab on this side of river.  We took a boat ride to other side. Another cab was already there.


Boat ride across the river

There was another bridge broken which Indian Army had fixed, within 24 hours of it being broken.

Few more Pictures will tell you the Story. Check out the Slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That day I had a feeling of satisfaction. The whole group enjoyed the process and while we were returning everyone had a wonderful smile on their faces. Check out this video, I shot while returning.

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To You – My friend…

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Dear Friend,

I can not tell you what happened last night but I beg you from bottom of my heart to forgive me for what happened. I feel terrible that you found yourself in situation that caused you additional pain. But I am absolutely sure  that whatever you said last night, was provoked, even deserved.  And everybody says things they regret, when they are worried and stressed. You were expecting to see someone you trusted and met the enemy instead. The fault is mine. Someday I’ll explain everything. Meanwhile I’m still here.

Talk to me !

Your neighbor & friend.

A letter delivered at my doorstep, early this morning. Could see the feeling of remorse. Is it? I doubt. He has been a good friend and a neighbour to me. Me and Krazy, as we call him, has been friend since the day we met at warden’s chamber. He was nice and definitely crazy. A fat guy with large heart – we often tell him. But he becomes real nasty when it comes to hurt him. Physically… No way, this big fat guy has enough punches in store. Though he looks cool and calm but don’t go by looks. As they say, ‘Looks can be deceptive‘. He is a good friend to fiends and  nasty to nasty. His principle a rose for a rose and punches for punch. I remember and incident when we just shifted to our hostel. It was supposedly an unofficially ragging session. This guy had an altercation with a senior ‘coz somebody abused him from seniors’ IM chat calling him names… He replied in the same language. The senior got pissed off. This crazy fellow of mine said F%$K Off, mad fellow!The matter had to be mediated by fellow seniors and classmates. The matter took months to get them together again, but once a thread get broken however you try to tie them together, there will always be a knot, A reminder of what happened. He follows the simple rule tit for tat. Otherwise he is ok with his friends occasionally emotional too.

If you happen to visit his room, you can find everything within his one hand reach. A water bottle on either side of his chair and one beside his bed. Maggi noodles in cupboard, chips on table. A half eaten burger in plate along with Pepsi bottle. Lappy on his table with books around it. Itunes playing either a slow hindi song or thumping classic rock in quick succession. More often you would hear Jagjit Singh’s wo kaagaz ki kashti … wo baarish ka paani.

We are good friends as are neighbors are supposed to be, even more than that. but something happened last night. It was truth or dare game, we play often after getting drunk. During this game, something happened and he blurted out where he had to keep mum. It was about a topic which we four friends discussed a day before. And he was quite pessimistic that the girl was not true to one of our friends. She is playing a game of hide and seek with that poor fellow. Once out of college, she will not any take time to dump him and move on. Even if she doesn’t and maintains contact  with this chap, anyway his life would be more miserable. This issue had hurt him, don’t know why? Any way he poured all his heart out in front of him I wonder if he remembered a shit. Though he was right in my POV but who are you to interfere in another person’s life, however close you are to him. Let him live his life his own way. he is not a child to be cared every time he slips. He is an adult and is capable to think his own rights & wrongs. Let him learn. One learns after committing mistake. Anyway, I had to do an extra hour of duty to comfort my another friend, to stop crying.  Finally I thought of writing him back.

Dear friend,

I understand your emotions towards your friend but we have our own  limits… we are not supposed to interfere in one’s life. I understand you being close to him want good to him. But you must understand it is his own life. Eventually he has to decide the course of action for his life.  Regarding your meeting with me, its Okie, I shall come to your room. And nothing serious about this fellow Vikram. Don’t worry I can handle it on my own.

Don’t get personal, strictly business my friend. Hope you would understand.

Your neighbour.


  • Mail courtesy : “You’ve got Mail” mail from NY152 to shopgirl. I am enchanted with this movie. Have watched it hundreds of time.
  • This post is little fact and for the most part it’s fiction.
  • This post idea is from The daily Post
  • Image courtesy Oneyearbiblelog.com

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I am what I am….and I see what I see.

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Today’s topic is “Are you Optimistic or Pessimistic or something else?

That ‘Something else’ may be dealt as in this pic…

Image via edu.uni-klu.ac.at

More clearly by this 😀

So Question comes to : Are you an optimist, pessimist or a Realist?

If I want to see Glass Half Full I see it Half full and when I want to see it half empty I see Half empty. Though the term is so cliché, So here is new term “Half dead or Half alive” 😀 .

Image via antbag.com

Have you ever imagined What an optimist and pessimist think about heart palpitation?

Image via propercourse.blogspot.com

Depends what are the circumstances and how shall cash on the opportunity.  Practically Optimism is good to an extent and pessimism is certainly bad for health. Though having both the perspective, gives a clear picture of the issue at hand. I feel I am neither optimist nor a pessimist but a composite mixture of two. Better said “I am what I am and I see what I see“.

What do you think, you are?

PS: congratulations “m_ayer” for achieving 100 post target.

100th Blog Post

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Hi everybody
Wow… this is an achievement in itself for me.   This is my 100th post. Time for celebrations.  😀

Thanks to daily Post and several other bloggers including my official blog buddy Charlie and unofficial blog buddies (sufia, Alan, jackie, Koelombo and many more) who motivated and inspired me in the process. Having come here, I shall strive to challenge myself to learn more n more and keep you and me entertained in the process.
cheers 🙂

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