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Why We Write?

In Blog, Story, Writing on February 14, 2011 at 10:32 pm

Why we write?

How many times have you asked this question to your self? I just stumbled upon this awesome Blog Why we write?, where people have shared their opinion about this very question Why We Write? Each story is intriguing. You can find some commonality between yourself and the blog post writer.

Reading has been my hobby and writing came along with it  coincidently. Now I enjoy writing. I might not be a very good writer but I’m just giving it a shot. My sole purpose of writing is to get myself better at this and to upgrade my intellect by reading many blogs.

Why We Write - Number 52: Reader-Submitted Essay Number 52Today’s piece is written by Natasha Costa, a reformed reporter.One of the first clear memories I have is of reading.When I was about two years old I went through that “why?” phase that so many children have, and my parents always, without fail, pulled out the encyclopedia set they’d spent so much money on and had me sound out what I was asking about.It was all very exciting back then; first came the ABC song and then learning how to stri … Read More

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So Why DO YOU WRITE? Lets listen to your story.

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