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Troubles of Bachelor Life

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This thought just came to my inquisitive mind while I was in kitchen preparing my dinner. Bachelor life is by far the most glorious days of ones lives. But it has its own share of problem. Especially when You are a forced bachelor. This is coming directly from the horse’s mouth 😛 .

Coming to the point… I had a fair share of fun while I WAS single [ 😦  those were days] Now when I’m in a 9 to 9 job and staying single. I am still enjoying the FORCED bachelor life, save for food.

I am a fast learner and a keen listener. I acknowledge this fact ‘coz I listen to my mom and wife, while preparing my dinner. Luckily I manage to cook descent meal (for myself, Don’t know How others would Like?). Despite all, The Hardest part is boiling milk. If you keep it on stove and monitor it continuously, it WON’T boil. And the moment you go out of kitchen to check some mail.   It boils :X  Tried so many times to check ” How much approximately, It takes to boil? All observations and analysis won’t produce result 😦 .

Recently I bought one Induction Cooker suggested by my friend Vikas (DRSite Hyd). And my life changed for ever 🙂 It has some timer system to boil Milk. Though It doesn’t boils in one cycle, definitely in two. It has systems for Frying, preparing barbecue,boiling Milk and so on. One problem which I could find is that there’s a standard size (diameter of the base of vessel), and I could not find any troubleshooting info. neither on paper nor on net.



Induction Cooker



Any way, myriad small happenings of life keep you Happy and smile on face 🙂

Smile and spread Smile !

Chennai in November, Day 1

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Sunday morning… Chennai never used to have such nice weather at least not when i was here for two years for my post-grad. This was absolutely fine Sunday morning… a cool breeze and sky was cast with cloud… i called for a taxi… get me to Hotel Benz Park…It’s in T Nagar,

India - Chennai - busy T. Nagar market 2

Image by mckaysavage via Flickr

anna u know na ! I sounded like i was lot familiar about Chennai… Though TNagar was next to my college at Nungambakkam but I never had the opportunity to stroll on these roads… I knew few places in Tnagar and very few roads through which i used to go to my friend’s place in Tambram.  By the time it started pouring. And you never know where in Chennai you get struck into traffic after rains.

It was nice (Okie, I did not expect to have our stay arrangements here). Room was double sharing and already somebody had checked in… I was the second guy and had few reservations about this first guy

hi myself Rajiv, from Kerala… Hello I am Vikas from Hyderabad..(after a long pause he asked)… are you a malayali ? No no, I am posted there… Thank god… maine socha kaun aayega room mae ( thank God, i was wondering who will come to my room ) …Vikas said with a broad grin on his face. And I settled in peacefully. We were wondering as to are we the only two people staying here or has some one come? We inquired at the reception… No sir, two more people have come… they are staying in room no 403…Ok.. Thanks!

Morning, we reached restaurant downstairs in time. I just went about picking idli, chutney and  Paneer paratha… kya yaar yahan bhi idli..Vikas lost his interest in breakfast …


Image via Wikipedia

At lounge we found,  Syamlal, Naveen, Saraswathy, Sharda, Saumya, Ashwin, Sujilesh and Preteesh waiting for the cab.

It took us about an hour to cut across Chennai Traffic to reach Training Center in Tenympet near SIET College.

It was unusual, seemed like  I was back in MBA classes, with a difference. Here at the RTC (Regional Training Center), the day started with a prayer (from an old Hindi movie “Ankush”-1986)

Itni shakti hame dena data…manka vishwas kamjor ho na… ham chale nek raste pe hamse… bhool kar bhi koi bhool ho naaa…” Check Out this  Video for the prayer…


To be Contd…

Sachin -da- dhabba

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Life is hectic here… still like others i do find some time to write sth here…today we went to ‘Sachin da dhabba’ nice place to have panjabi food in idli land…had great time there…

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