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Celebration Time -A big Thank U 2 all readers

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My dear blog Readers,
I take this opportunity to Thank all my friends colleagues, friends online/Offline, abroad/ in India, for their continuous support. That include all of them, whom I threatened/ coerced to read and comment on my blog 😉 Today the blog statistics read 1002 visitors. Here’s the list of countries to which guests belong,

India (IN), United States (US), United Kingdom (GB), Japan (JP), Australia (AU), Finland (FI), Pakistan (PK), Taiwan (TW), Indonesia (ID), Canada (CA), Malaysia (MY), Germany (DE), United Arab Emirates (AE), Saudi Arabia (SA), Philippines (PH), Ukraine (UA), Nigeria (NG), Peru (PE), Sweden (SE), Spain (ES), Oman (OM), Israel (IL), Bermuda (BM), Asia/Pacific Region (AP), Iran, Islāmic Republic of (IR), Bahrain (BH)    courtesy: http://www2.clustrmaps.com

Special Mention of my friends on Facebook & twitter who bear with me for I trouble them a lot, thank You guys, love u all 🙂

Thanks to all of You 🙂

It’s time for celebrations 🙂

I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.

Thank You All, Dear Readers

Thank you all
Keep visiting and DO Comment .

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A letter to Santa Claus

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Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas to you,

It was a long wait. I waited for you since 24th december and still waiting.

Dear Santa

I know , you would be very busy and you must have tried coming to my place in Kerala. I was  almost trying to locate your carriage on news reports, but to my dismay, this time none of the news channels covered your itinerary. They must be busy reporting for Raja or Nira or some one unfortunate who would have fell into some well. Barkha is busy thinking about handsome Pakistani men, economic times is still obsessed with radia and rest are cursing “Tees Maar Khaan“, save Farah and akshay. No body has time to click you.

I am writing you this letter, coz I heard a girl in america was tracking you, like me. And you came with Michelle Obama to give toys.  did you shipped my gifts through FedEx? But, I have not received them yet. did you addressed it correctly? You should have used google to locate me. They often ask and bore me with latitude and longitude. This time it might have been useful. Facebook… yes. add me to you Facebook i shall send you message err..mail err m confused. Anyway i will send you a sweet tweet.

I forgot to ask you one thing. How do you come all the way from north. your reindeer must be going through rough time, na?. I heard ice is melting at north pole. They say world is getting hotter, but you know, north india is freezing. My parents and my kid brother is not feeling good . Can you change temperature there. My mom says you can do anything. She has prepared christmas recipes for entire family and you. She also helped me to decorate my room with bells. Christmas music is playing out loud. When you come, give me a phone call. I wonder, how would you sound, “this is god calling” or “ this is santa at you door“.  Not the later one … you would sound like a pizza guy. Santa  you know, I love pizza with toppings. But, today I didn’t eat… why?… you didn’t come, naa !

I am waiting for you to come , still waiting…

Sad 😦

dear santa please come! all i want for Christmas is you



P.S: ‘anshubham’ is an imaginary child

My Own Christmas Gift :)

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Things have to be cleared a little, i might be confusing my readers off late as to “Is this a Hindi or English Blog?” So, I have decided to move my Hindi Posts to newly Created Hindi blog https://rrajivhind.wordpress.com/
and leave this blog for English content. Thanks for the bearing with me.
Love ya

P.S. : visit https://rrajivhind.wordpress.com/ for contents in Hindi

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