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Wikileak and India

In News, Politics on December 18, 2010 at 8:00 am

Morning dawns,  i feel bad about not having written any post since last three days. Tags as WordPress claims are the best way to get connected with the particular sets of item you want to read. I glance upon ‘News’ tag to find out what bloggers are writing about, and which is supposedly not available on the ever pervasive Print & TV media.

Logo used by Wikileaks

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And I stumbled to a post summary featuring India and Wiki-leaks in it. Since the day wikileak came up with its secret cable display and the warnings that followed by US to India as to anything might come up which may sour its  GOOD-Going relationship of the World’s oldest democracy with the World’s Largest democracy. I got a bit interested anticipating what this blog post might contain. Equally interesting was the mention of Kashmir. So i decide to take a plunge into the blog named Lorinov’s Blog. Few things that is mentioned in relation to India and the atrocities that are being committed on Indian citizen in Kashmir.




I have a few point to put forth regarding this.

“Seems our “friend” India is NOT as friendly as DC would have us believe”

I have an uneasy feeling about the use of word friend here.  At this time when the entire so-called big powers of the world are coping to get out of the web of recessionary effects, Two of the Asian countries, India and China are growing with envious  growth rate. Every one in the world is looking eastward. And at this juncture befriending India or China is the best  in the long run for any country including India and china itself. The relationship is of mutual benefit. No country has nothing to Loose, It’s win-win game.

The leaks about Kashmir is just a small piece of Larger picture. I neither accept nor deny what is being said about Kashmir and the inhumane treatment to Indian Citizen over there.  The ground situation in Kashmir is very volatile , thanks to our neighbour and their patrons. The world has seen and heard the voice  behind the terrorist attack on Mumbai on 26/11 . In Kashmir, those ‘voices’ play a different game. Instead of directly using guns and grenades, ‘Voices’ try to instigate our people and whatever followed was very much unfortunate.

“Now, please recall that INDIA likes to pride itself on being the world’s biggest “democracy”! I guess giving people electric shocks, sexually humiliating them, and torturing them is India’s idea of “democracy.” :)

However I have no intention to demean any country or whatsoever but if India’s idea of democracy is akin to giving its people shocks etc then what about Guantanamo Bay , do read FBIs copy about this incident.  Should not it be compared to the regimes of the esteemed figures like Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler! I guess US too missed those history lessons, no?

India is home to many different religions which co-exist together. And when there is so much diversity some instances of tension may arise. But the way people behaved with calm and maturity while Ayodhya decisions were being aired, is highly commendable. This shows that the people of India have understood how political parties have used the common people to meet their ends. Even the speech by some politicians trying to gain publicity following the decisions met with very sharp responses from around the country.

Rahul and Sonia Gandhi

Wikileaks also came up with something what Rahul Gandhi said about Home grown terror. However,  terror in any form is detrimental to the growth of a nation  and it becomes extremely difficult when your own people turn against you. The case in point being naxalite problem which has crippled many a state .  The problem can only be solved with  development reaching out to far-flung areas and promoting literacy .

Ways and means need to be devised to tackle the home grown terror. Illiteracy and unemployment has to be taken care of and the rest shall follow.

P.S: the later issues shall be taken up in detail in next post.


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