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Anamika -Day 4-5-6 Got a Name!

In Writing on November 8, 2012 at 9:56 pm

She is feeling much better, at least I am and what I see is she is better than the other day. Doctor confirmed Jaundice and said it’s common in all new born with operations now-a-days. That was relief ! Sunlight is the medicine for this disease, Which I came to know by many other relatives only after it happened to her. How forgetfulness on their part? and How Dumb? Anyway she seems to be feeling better.

She had her first second bath today. was Ablutions i believe, Her dadi gave her warm water bath and she cried and cried. Don’t know, but when she cried I was amused (don;t know why?) She must be feeling uneasy but that was necessary, I guess.   And yeah she had her First POLIO Drop 🙂 .

Her mother had her fingernails clipped and she was supposed to take bath (for the period is supposedly unholy). Thereafter,  She goes to temple .

Entire family gathered for the function to welcome the new born and to perform the namkaran samskar . We had a small dinner party at the residence.  Well her Uncle and aunt had finally come up with a pet name “Pihu” . Her official name is still being considered by them. I never thought finding a suitable name could be that difficult. I had kept this pending thinking this could be done in few minutes. Now I see, how difficult it is.

For the Chatti / Shasthi party close family and friends were invited . As everybody knows my dad, everyone was( expecting this. And what a party it was (for I was at the party and not inside where ceremony was going on). Pihu was dressed  and puja performed. Our ancestors remembered(names being  written on paper !)  Her name , added in the ancestry. And then ladies sang, girls danced and baby Smiled 🙂

Ha ha.. It’s a good feeling ! and I’m Loving it !

Anamika -Day 3

In Writing on November 4, 2012 at 5:54 am

Relatively better day! After crying her heart out her mom has fed her and she slept for a while, in morning.  Mother is getting better and soon they are planning to discharge but need few more observations. Hopefully in a day or two, baby will be in her Home. After the night episode , I did not want to take any risk , took appointment with a child specialist. I don’t have faith on his diagnostics. It’s not like that I know much about the child and think otherwise than him, It’s gut feeling. He has asked to run some tests on the baby, which I am not in favour of unless I consult my pediatrician.  Got an appointment with him for tomorrow morning. My sister-in-law  asked me if she has been exposed to sunlight without which complications may arise.  Doctors call it physical jaundice, I guess. And Jaundice as a word itself is horror , leave alone for kids.

Getting ready for another gruesome night. But Anamika is more of quiet today… which dreads me more. …

Now, searching for her name…  🙂 There is so much to do  and I suppose ,even as a father, it was never so tiring, but  It’s all so good.

Good night


Welcome 2012 !

In Writing on January 1, 2012 at 1:12 am

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous happy new year.

Happy new year

wish you Happy New year

The year 2011 had many sweet and sour memories. Hope the new year brings with it all goodness in store.

Wish we achieve all we want from life

Wish we we grow with each passing day in 2012.

Wish we live with peace, with no ill-wills towards anybody.

Wish… the year 2012 be a great year for humanity.

Bye Bye 2011 & Welcome 2012.

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