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To You – My friend…

In Cartoons, Crazy, Writing on February 4, 2011 at 11:56 pm

Dear Friend,

I can not tell you what happened last night but I beg you from bottom of my heart to forgive me for what happened. I feel terrible that you found yourself in situation that caused you additional pain. But I am absolutely sure  that whatever you said last night, was provoked, even deserved.  And everybody says things they regret, when they are worried and stressed. You were expecting to see someone you trusted and met the enemy instead. The fault is mine. Someday I’ll explain everything. Meanwhile I’m still here.

Talk to me !

Your neighbor & friend.

A letter delivered at my doorstep, early this morning. Could see the feeling of remorse. Is it? I doubt. He has been a good friend and a neighbour to me. Me and Krazy, as we call him, has been friend since the day we met at warden’s chamber. He was nice and definitely crazy. A fat guy with large heart – we often tell him. But he becomes real nasty when it comes to hurt him. Physically… No way, this big fat guy has enough punches in store. Though he looks cool and calm but don’t go by looks. As they say, ‘Looks can be deceptive‘. He is a good friend to fiends and  nasty to nasty. His principle a rose for a rose and punches for punch. I remember and incident when we just shifted to our hostel. It was supposedly an unofficially ragging session. This guy had an altercation with a senior ‘coz somebody abused him from seniors’ IM chat calling him names… He replied in the same language. The senior got pissed off. This crazy fellow of mine said F%$K Off, mad fellow!The matter had to be mediated by fellow seniors and classmates. The matter took months to get them together again, but once a thread get broken however you try to tie them together, there will always be a knot, A reminder of what happened. He follows the simple rule tit for tat. Otherwise he is ok with his friends occasionally emotional too.

If you happen to visit his room, you can find everything within his one hand reach. A water bottle on either side of his chair and one beside his bed. Maggi noodles in cupboard, chips on table. A half eaten burger in plate along with Pepsi bottle. Lappy on his table with books around it. Itunes playing either a slow hindi song or thumping classic rock in quick succession. More often you would hear Jagjit Singh’s wo kaagaz ki kashti … wo baarish ka paani.

We are good friends as are neighbors are supposed to be, even more than that. but something happened last night. It was truth or dare game, we play often after getting drunk. During this game, something happened and he blurted out where he had to keep mum. It was about a topic which we four friends discussed a day before. And he was quite pessimistic that the girl was not true to one of our friends. She is playing a game of hide and seek with that poor fellow. Once out of college, she will not any take time to dump him and move on. Even if she doesn’t and maintains contact  with this chap, anyway his life would be more miserable. This issue had hurt him, don’t know why? Any way he poured all his heart out in front of him I wonder if he remembered a shit. Though he was right in my POV but who are you to interfere in another person’s life, however close you are to him. Let him live his life his own way. he is not a child to be cared every time he slips. He is an adult and is capable to think his own rights & wrongs. Let him learn. One learns after committing mistake. Anyway, I had to do an extra hour of duty to comfort my another friend, to stop crying.  Finally I thought of writing him back.

Dear friend,

I understand your emotions towards your friend but we have our own  limits… we are not supposed to interfere in one’s life. I understand you being close to him want good to him. But you must understand it is his own life. Eventually he has to decide the course of action for his life.  Regarding your meeting with me, its Okie, I shall come to your room. And nothing serious about this fellow Vikram. Don’t worry I can handle it on my own.

Don’t get personal, strictly business my friend. Hope you would understand.

Your neighbour.


  • Mail courtesy : “You’ve got Mail” mail from NY152 to shopgirl. I am enchanted with this movie. Have watched it hundreds of time.
  • This post is little fact and for the most part it’s fiction.
  • This post idea is from The daily Post
  • Image courtesy Oneyearbiblelog.com

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What gives HOPE?-An honest feedback

In Blog, Photography, Tips n Tricks, Writing on January 18, 2011 at 3:42 am

Reference: The Daily Post #18

It was around 22:55 IST (date17th Jan) , when Scott posted this topic. Now it’s 02:15 AM IST  (date 18th Jan). For those three hours I could not figure out what should I write.  I sat to analyze my last post ( My MBA lessons had to be used for a while 😉 ) What went wrong with that, Why People were particularly interested/ disinterested in this particular post. What did I learn from it?” It was then the thought of writing this post just crossed me. So here it’s What gives me hope?

The Post in analysis

What was New ?

This post Does everything happen for a reason? was New by all my standards. An experiment in itself.

1. This was my first Visual Blogging around an idea. Thousand words can be summed up in a single picture.

2. For the first time, I used ‘Poll’ to know my guest’s  (I prefer to call my readers Guest) views on the post. I have observed, guests prefer to write goodie-goodie stuffs in your comments, but given the limited choice in Polls, you can get a good feedback. Thanks to all my Guests, I received an honest feedback from them.

3. Comments form an integral part of your posts. I have never been able to capture attention of my guests (which mostly says stays for 4 seconds) as good as in the last post. Most of them were enlightening, as if completing the post in all dimensions, I left untouched. I believe it was good. We were engaged enough to start a discussion.

Though the stats were discouraging, what gave me HOPE, were the things I learned in the process.
What is the learning?

1. Pictures speak thousand words, but it creates a vague idea in reader’s mind. Substantiate Pictures with Texts.

2. Poll choices has to be “To the Point”, to get a fairer idea.

3. Open ended posts fetch more comments. It interests and compels the readers to put forward their points in the discussion.

4. Posts should be crisp, not taking much of time and putting forward the Idea, it wants to convey.

I must follow the last of my lessons. Let’s close here. Before that, I have few questions for you, My dear guests.

Why do you think it has the least possibility of bring Pressed?

My WordPress review of the Year 2010 – The Truth

In Humor, Writing on January 4, 2011 at 1:58 am

This is a guest blog post by the stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com. I helped out with a bit of copyediting and reformatting.

The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads This blog is on fire!

Crunchy numbers

What the heck, My post has only 900 visitors half of which have been achieved by coercing my colleagues at college, office and even at home. I gave an ultimatum to my mother, ” Unless you read my blog 5 times a day, I won’t EAT“. My sweet mom, she believed “I won’t Eat” :P. My brother publicized my posts among his friends, for the love of my mother. i have been threatened by my Facebook and twitter friends to face dire consequences, if i post any further blog post in my status. What all I’m doing for, “NOT TO RECEIVE A WORD PRESS REVIEW ????”.

In 2010, there were 21 new posts, not bad for the first year! There were 58 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 38mb. That’s about 1 picture per week.

I copied/stole/plagiarized more posts in one month than He did in entire year… baat karte hain… Wouldn’t you Comment …Not bad for the first month… I wouldn’t mind loading pictures … but again after 1 GB capacity YOU will ask for charges… I am not bothered about MBs/GBs..but Money is honey baby…I can’t part with even a penny… Don’t believe me… ok.. ok…kool .. go ask my friends !

Most busiest day of mine…”EveryDay“… You have no idea, how I slip from office, JUST TO BLOG… and you wouldn’t give me A WORD PRESS REVIEW…

Tons & tons of visits. Each one compared to either Capacity of container ships or with Boeing 707. what do you think I am producing, fking SCRAP… or creative articles (Gavin would say: FK man, you call this Creativity…Oops)  And yeaah… One kool Blog-health-meter Picture. Enough of this Now !

Where did they come from?

Definitely not from Mars… Sites you promote, sites you have tie up… from there.. where else…Most common … facebook.com, twitter.com,msn, google, bing, yahoo, networkblog,indiblogger, blogadda … haaa hfff hfff hfff…

Some visitors came searching, mostly for wikileak, cwg scam, 2G spectrum scam, obama, indo-pak, Indo-china…. fking hell… count,… count all the scams… as if I am some scamster’s GODFATHER…. keeping count of all the scams in India and world.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.

1. Shiela hui jawan Munni Badnaam 1 April (1000 comments) Featuring SWOT analysis of Shiela and munni, their wardrobe malfunction, Akshay’s Road downthehill.

2. Kalmadi Vs Raja – Race for Next Presidential Elections 15 August (420 comments) Trillions  for pocket-money, Obama  gets goosebumps, FIIs to improve after either of them gets US Presidency

3. Times BAKRA of the Year award- Mr. JhunJhunWala 31 December (1 comment) Jhunjhunwala, the twitterati gets award, Warren buffet close second, Rupert murdoch Couldn’t figure in TOP 100, while Radia makes it to 3rd after having a conversation with Editor-in-chief of Times. Find script of the tape here -> Tape

Thanks stats helper monkeys! I’m looking forward to a productive 2011.

Image representing WordPress.com as depicted i...

Image via CrunchBase

I am very upset. You Still Asking, why? While I browse, I get more depressed. Every blog, I see these days, have one thing in common, “My WordPress Blog Review for 2010“.

WordPress Team, I also want My WordPress review of the Year 2010 with a COOL looking Blog-Health-O-meter. What….??? Short period….?? So what, if I am writing for last one month. Doesn’t my passion for at least one month Count? Send me “My WordPress Blog Review for 2010


1. WP team send me MY COPY

2. Dear readers if at all you smiled once while reading this Post, I shall humbly ask you to give me feedback PLEASE.

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