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Tonight, am I gonna DIE?

In Crazy, Life, Photography, Video on January 8, 2011 at 2:52 am

FOCUS is the word of the day lolz 😛

Today’s challenge and hfff I’m not able to concentrate on what to write. I started writing at 00:00 hours and since then I have already changed my  topic 4 times. This is my 5th topic. I wanted to sleep but again, the stats at WordPress home  are staring at me as if I’ve committed some crime. So here I go,

Started with a beautiful poem by Dr, Harivansh Rai

Amitabh Bachchan

Image by Soumik Kar via Flickr

Bachhan, legendary writer and father of Legendary Cine Actor, Amitabh Bachhan. “Madhushala” (meaning bar) has been my long time favorite. This epic poem is worth listening in the voice of Manna Dey . Check out lyrics of “Madhushala”.


Switched to Photo, could not get any worth-posting photo, any way found one, here it’s

Early morning in Goa

Early morning in Goa

Finally the song which kept me awake till 3:00 hours.

No I’m not gonna die… 🙂 I’m just fine, can bear the pain (I had pain in an eye… seems to be easing)

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