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RaOne – A forgettable moment

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Random Access Version One becomes Ra 1 (sounds like RAVAN)

Arjun Rampal

The Real Ra.One

Tum log har saal raavan ko isi din jalate ho kyunki tum jaante ho ke raavan kabhi nahi marta – RA.ONE(arjun rampal)

you guys burn raavan on this day(diwali?) every year because you know that raavan never dies]

Ravan – A demonic character from Hindu Mythology The Ramayana ; Powerful, devotee of Lord Shiva.  Having 10 heads, he was considered to be Invincible .

This movie Ra.One is inspired from the same character with enormous power and strong ego. While one was the result of Lord Shiva blessings , other one is the  mis-product of technology. Ra.One is the depiction of Evil while G.One ( Hindi meaning Life) is the Good One. As the Dussera symbolizes the victory of good over bad. Ra.One does the same.

With 0.01% chances of defeating Ra.One, G.One fights him with conviction (and off course with Blessings from Chitti)



Endhiran Robot

The Superhero No !







This is story of a father(  a nerd & a gaming programmer & an ANNA too)  who loves his family esp his only son. His son is fascinated with the skills and power of the villain. His Appa promises him a super villain – Ra.One  The movie begins when the system gets corrupted and the Super villain promises revenge. None can stop him except the Good One.

Basically story line and action is a mix of Hollywood Matrix / Terminator and Bollywood Krish / Ramayana. Off course the idea of the HEART (or HART) is borrowed from Iron Man.  Arjun rampal as the Ra.One has brief presence. Bebo is dashing in “chhammak chhallo” and Akon’s voice has given it a midas touch. Graphically,  a lot has been done in this movie too but somehow all looks ridiculous, unlike serious action of Krishh.

My Take: Children will love this movie. For Adults …watchable at most Once for Ra.ONE and g.ONE.

P.S.: I did find some connection between, so many commercials Ra. One the movie is associated with and the movie itself— That there was none.

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