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Dam maro dam

In Art, Movie review on April 24, 2011 at 1:09 am

So finally, it was the day for a hindi masala bollywood flick. Having no other choice we decided to take a chance on two and a half starred (By TOI) movie “Dam Maro Dam“. Having read few reviews and ratings we decided to take chill pill and just enjoy the Masala Dosa from Ramesh Sippy productions.

Having created an image for Big B as Angry young man years before, It was the time for thr Jr B. Jr B plays the role of rough and tough but corrupt Police (Later changed). Praetik’s work is interesting and his image pretty much goes along with Goans. Bips is nothing more than a glam doll with those ready to kill cat eyes.

Despite all reviews and ratings, I saw a packed theater at night show. But to my horror, they have ruined the classic song ” dam maaro dam“. Aby baby as usual had some overacting/over reacting whatever you call. Pratiek was cool and locations, few scenes which I remeber are definitely from Goa. Songs are good except that rap song. Plot is nice and some suspense adds to the pace. You might feel like getting dragged most of the time, till when writer realised that he is to write a story in flow.

My verdict : can watch it for once, not as bad as they have reviewed.

Unleash your potential

In quote, Writing on February 12, 2011 at 12:20 am

We don’t “become” geniuses. It’s already within. We simply reconnect + remember our genius – Robin S (Author of The Monk who sold his Ferrari)

The inherent genius is ever-present in everybody, it’s just we underestimate our potential. We need to unleash our genius self out of hibernation and that surely requires lots and lots of self-control and meditation.

It was yesterday I saw another of my favorite movies, “Good will Hunting“, the protagonist in this movie is a born genius but lost. A highly acclaimed maths Professor tries to show him the path but the One who actually mends his ways was another great, A psychologist. Being from same neighborhood he understand his background and can pervade through his mind. he shows him the way to simple pleasures of life. Being genius is not the only thing but the way you use it for your own happiness. Finally Will left all the material wealth (future of course) for his love of Life.

Post idea: the daily Post

You’ve got Mail

In Movie review, Photography, Pictures, scribblings on February 5, 2011 at 7:45 pm

Very powerful words !

As I said in my last post, I’m enchanted with this movie. Here I’m gonna write few lines which I liked most in this movie… Some lines which you would generally miss in the flow of the movie.

[The picturisation when they come out of their respective houses, in the beginning of the movie, where they cross each other every time without having known each other, they go to same place but don’t recognize each other is simply superb.]

It is not Personal, Strictly business.

F…O…X…. Can you spell cat? …F…O…X….

Just call me Joe….

What were you doing…. Twirling…

What’s with Men and Godfather?

Godfather is answer to all your Questions. Supposw you have to go somewhere and you ask what should i pack? … leave the canary …take the gun… What day of week it is?…. San day…Man day….

So dearie what have you decided to do? CLOSE… I’m going to Close… Close…Closing the Store is the bravest thing to do…

You’re daring to Imagine that you could have a different life…. You feel like a big fat failure now, but you’re NOT. You are marching into the unknown armed with … Nothing.

if you need more ask me… I’m very rich… I bought Intel at 6.

Is there someone else? No … no but there is a dream of someone else.

The song in background – remember… remember…Life is never as it seems….. Dreeeeeeeeeeeaaammmmmm….. far away…life was clear… close your eyes…


“Everyone should jump in air.


We jump, the elevator thinks no one is here, and it opens.

One.. two… Three.. Jump…”

People are always telling you that Change is good thing but all they are really saying is that something you didn’t want to happen at all, has Happened.

“How can you forgive this guy for standing you up….. and not forgive me for this tiny little thing… putting you out of business….Oh How I wish you would….


I’ll say Goodbye to all my sorrow and by tomorrow I’ll be on my way. I guess the lord must be in New York city

The Award for ‘Best Actor in negative Role’ goes to…

In Art, Thoughts, Writing on February 3, 2011 at 12:05 am

This is a recent development. Almost all Award functions introduces the best performing actor in grey shades as “Best Actor in negative Role” particularly in India. It wasn’t so earlier. These award for this category was introduced as  ‘Award for best Villain’. I believe there is nothing wrong with that. If you happen to see old Hindi/Bollywood movie. The prominent names among villains are likes of Ajit, Jeevan …and Pran. Their acting were so lively, often people misunderstood them to be BAD MAN in real life too.

But my heart goes to the most villainous character of the all Pran Krishan Sikand. Not only I feared him but hated him a lot. Later when I had senses, it was “what an acting Pran sahab ! “.

Born in old Delhi, he started working in films at Lahore (now in Pakistan). Performed in some 22 films before shifting to Bombay (Now Mumbai) in 1947 post Indo-Pak partition. Here also, not unlike all actors he had to struggle for films. Got his first break in Movie Ziddi. And his full of life acting made him an overnight star. A favorite villain for all directors and producers in bollywood. A villain whom people hated from the very core of their heart.  His reel life became so prominent that, people on the street would run away on his sight. In later half of his 6 decades of association with bollywood Pran chose to do character roles. And the hits came along. Don, Zanjeer, Amar Akbar Anthony and lots more.  People close to Pran often admire his dedication to the work.

Few of the Awards in his armory:

  • 1973 Best Actor of the Decade — for Zanjeer By Uttar Pradesh Film Journalists Association

  • 1977-78  Most Versatile Actor            Bombay Film Award
  • 1980     Shiromani Award for outstanding Motion Picture Performance – By The Vice President of India
  • 2000   Hero Honda “Villain of the Millennium” for best Actor in Negative role – Hero Honda Stardust Salute to Indian Cinema Millennium Honours
  • 2000  Life time Achievement Award – Screen Awards.
  • March 2001  Padmabhushan –  The Govt of India


Pran is undoubtedly the living legend of Indian Cinema. Read his biography “…and Pran

...and Pran

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