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Another Conspiracy Theory

In Crazy4, Cricket, World cup on February 25, 2011 at 11:27 pm

This edition of world cup seems to be a different ball game. There are teams like Bangladesh who are scoring around 300 runs against strong team, India and there are some teams who are known fighter but they fell like pack of cards.

Yes, I am referring to today’s match between Australia and arch rival New Zealand. Kangaroo-Kiwi matches are same as Indo-pak matches … same temper, same ferociousness and what not. But the way, kiwis played against kangaroos today, it was pathetic, like they were some third grade teams participating for the first time in the world cup. I can’t take this as One bad day, No. It can’t be possible on any bad day that all of the top class players in your team.. Sachin Shewaag Yuvraj Raina Virat pathan falter in one match. Look at the scorecard and you will be surprised to find that top 6 kiwi batsmen scored just around 100 runs in some 20 overs. That is not how a bad day is defined.

Another theory of mine. Australian side knows, this time it’s hard for them to secure place into finals. So what they are doing is, setting with all teams playing against them. So that they can make sure their berth in Finals, Poor punter….

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