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Much Ado about Nothing!

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Since the covert operation by US élite commandos in Pakistan’s Abbottabad, much is being said about similar type of operation by Indian troops. On this side of border, yoga guru, who seems keen to get into politics ASAP by hogging the limelight, and many others are raising demands for a similar action against 26/11 terror suspects . While on the other side Pakistani Army chief has taken the baton. So called saviours of Hinduism and Islam. eff them!

If you see the fact, this is nothing else but plain politics. Not a single man from the either side of the border has wanted war, save for the war mongering Pakistani Army and blood thirsty politicians from the either side.

It seems logical from the Pakistan perspective that, given such situation prevailing there, anything sort of enhanced border activity against India shall be sufficient for general Pakistani public to turn a blind eye from the follies of their army and crave for some Indian bashing. While in India, it’s an easy way to hog limelight by criticizing people in power about their cowardice to act in similar way against the persons responsible for heinous crimes on Indian soil. For, if you put these people crying for justice for Indians at the helm of affairs,  they shall do the same. So what’s the problem?

It’s never the same when on one side it’s Uncle sam and on the other any given government of the world. Uncle Sam has always this theory of being the policemen of the world. What I feel, save for 9/11, the crimes against US are nothing more than their own past haunting them now.

A story from Indian Mythology

Once upon a time, there was a demon named Bhasmasur. He prayed for some thousand of years to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is supposed to be very innocent God, easily pleased with anyone (good or evil)  who worships him with all devotion. Hence most of the demons used to worship him for Aashirvaads (blessings). Lord Shiva was pleased with this demon, Bhasmasur for he had prayed for him sincerely and with all devotion. He appeared before him and asked him to Ask for any Gift. Bhasmasur thought for a while and said, ” Lord if you want to bless me, then Bless me a power that if ever I keep my hand on any body’s head, He would turn to ashes.” Lord Shiva said, “Tathasthu” (So be it.) Bhasmasur was pleased, but he wanted to test the blessings. He turned towards Lord Shiva himself to test his blessings. Lord Shiva understood the intentions of crafty demon, he ran. Bhasmashur ran after him. After a while Lord Shiva reached to Lord Vishnu and appraised him of all that happened. Vishnu smiled and assured Lord Shiva that he would handle it. Lord Vishnu changed himself into a beautiful lady (called mohini) and started dancing in front of Bhasmasur. Bhasmasur, a fool hardy demon started dancing with mohini. While dancing Mohini kept her hand over her head, Bhasmasur followed the step and died of his own blessings. His blessings turned curse for himself.

Bronze Chola statue depicting Shiva dancing as...

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Well, the US is Lord Shiva here and the demon bhasmasur  or al quida/taliban (whatever you call it) is the creation of US itself. Now that demon has turned against himself. A demon that US created years ago. There is no escape from it.

As of today, US politicians are saying there is no comparison between 9/11 and 26/11. WTH! Citizens of both the countries died in the attack from people outside their countries. Numbers should not matter, I guess. If it’s, then US is a Major Criminal for what they have done in Iraq, Afghanistan and many other places across the world, where their troops have killed millions of innocent people. Some time on the pretext of Mass Destruction weapons or sometime on the pretext of freedom and democracy.

Anyway, What I am saying is that Indian govt is not so fool hardy to get into such matter of unnecessary importance. So listen Uncle Sam, We don’t give a shit what you think about parallels of 9/11 & 26/11. We have  business of importance other than war mongering and invading freedom of other countries.  For people like, Baba Ramdev and Army Chief kayani better be shut up and mind their own business. People of India and Pakistan want to live in peace and earn their bread. Don’t try to misinterpret their silence. For Indians shall teach you a lesson in  next general elections and Pakistani shall not let you be capable of staging any coup further. Let your war mongering mouths be shut.

Let there be Peace…

aman ki asha


Anyway, people have short memory they shall forget this stuff by next week. By that time every body will be glued to their television sets for IPL. And above all I’m shit tired of all this obl hash tags (#obl) on twitter and war mongering statements in press and media.

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Uncle Sam faces the music

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For long, India had accused its neighbour of harbouring criminals in the India’s Most wanted List. And the neighbour has stubbornly  rubbish all claims setting aside all proofs that India has presented in favour of her case. None in the world order ever gave an iota of thought how it feels to be cheated. Uncle sam preferred to zip it for he had been ally to this neighbour.

Uncle Sam

Image by AJC1 via Flickr

Now time has turned on to Uncle Sam. The neighbour who has dodged Indian govt by telling a lie lied to Uncle sam , must be out of habit. That it has not harboured any of the criminals in uncle sam’s wanted list. But few days ago a covert operation has claimed to get the guy in the backyard of neighbour, who all this time had claimed to have no knowledge of him. So Uncle Sam is facing the same music what Indian govt has been facing all this while. So what does uncle sam do?

“Pakistan has a lot of explaining to do. It seems unimaginable that* Osama bin Laden was living 1,000 yards away from a military base in a million dollar mansion built especially for him and no one in the Pakistani government knew about it. I don’t buy it,” Texas Congressman Ted Poe, who is introducing the legislation.

* So was Daud Ibrahim, I guess. He even had his daughter’s wedding there in Pakistan and the govt agencies have no idea if he was there all this time . Even now they don’t accept that he lives there. What a joke?

What does India do to this? – Nothing. Just getting angry and asking Uncle sam  and others to help catch him.

What does Uncle sam do in this case? 

Anger is running deep in Washington at what is being seen as Pakistan’s perfidy of milking US aid while nurturing terrorists. On Wednesday, one lawmaker announced that he is introducing legislation that will prohibit any foreign aid from being sent to Pakistan “until it can demonstrate that it had no knowledge of Osama Bin Laden’s whereabouts.”

(Why can’t Indiangov do something like this?)

“Congress has already appropriated $3 billion to Pakistan for this year. Unless the state department can certify to Congress that Pakistan was not harboring America’s number one enemy, Pakistan should not receive one more cent of American aid,” Poe said in statement whose sentiment is being echoed by many lawmakers

What amazes me is the report of a canadian paper which says …

Canada’s Globe and Mail reported on Wednesday that the Abbottabad compound where bin Laden was cornered by US forces was being used by the Hizbul Mujaheddin, a terrorist group sponsored by Pakistan that operates in Kashmir.

Source: TOI You would want to READ this.

PS: No intention of hurting any one. Just drawing an analogy of how Indian govt and US govt behave differently to same awkward situation.

Osama bin Laden is DEAD

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Obama Administration sighs relief, as the US president is shortly going to announce the death of Osama Bin Laden short while from now.

He is reported to be dead in an operation as claimed by Us officials and reported by scores of media world-wide. This comes after 10 years when Laden went into hiding in 2001. And two government changed all this while in US. Also it might arise questions on credibility of Pakistani government who all this while have claimed that Laden is not in Pakistan.

Osama bin laden dead

Image source Al jajeera

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Al jajeera

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