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India’s World Cup saga

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What a feeling. I had goose bumps when I saw them crying. Finally  WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS.

India had to win this match. It was the best gift entire nation could have given to the Maestro for his probably 😉 last world cup.

I had been criticizing the team and its performances especially bowling in this entire tournament. But the boys rose to every occasion. Bowling in the last three matches Indian team played were off course better than what had been in the rest of tournament. Srilankan team played equally well in the tournament, it was a bad day for them. But what finally counts is the cup.

And we are the CHAMPIONS.

INDIA won the cricket World Cup 2011

We are the CHAMPIONS

Happy Closing

In scribblings on April 1, 2011 at 8:59 am

The day begins with an alarm clock humming a favourite tune. Snooze is what I did and back to bed. No, I don’t want to get up this early. After all this is the beginning of a New year and I want to just take it easy. The first of caller declares “Happy birthday” and soon did I realize it’s 1st April. 🙂

New financial year begins today with April fool, what a contrasting feature! And yeah yesterday I heard , for the first time, an unusual salutation or whatever you call it. “Happy Closing!” ha 🙂

The message being “agar film ki happy ending nahi hai to film abhi baaki hai” (If the movie doesn’t end with Happiness, probably film isn’t over) That’s true with life too. Someone said, “No body dies virgin, Life fucks everybody.” But at the end if you aren’t happy, Well then, Life isn’t over yet.

April Fool 🙂

Ps: Don’t play pranks, if someone gets into lots of trouble for this.Please.

Diwali and Eid came early this year

In Cricket, World cup, Writing on March 31, 2011 at 8:13 am

So against all odds, India made it to the final of the world cup. But it’s CELEBRATIONS all around, every nook and corner of India.

Records are still straight, India has managed to get over Pakistan , even in this edition of world cup. Out of 5 world cup encounters between the two Asian Lions, India has kept it straight 5 of 5.

However, prior to the match I was very skeptic about the outcome of the match. I had my own concerns. (Read my earlier Post) I knew Indian team will have to go past 300 to save their arse, simply because bowling department failed to deliver in this tournament. And given that Pakistan has quite good bowlers in their armory had made it worse.

I would admit that I was aghast when I saw Nehra and Munaf in bowling lineup instead of Ashwin and few others. My initial reaction was of the Lost soul, ready to nimble pieces of captain cool.

Nothing could have been worse than India stumbling again in the middle overs and No sachin to carry on the burden. The great Indian collapse had begun just like Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. As often captain cool stuck to singles without any heavy hitting and Raina kept his cool while the wickets tumbled on the other end. Finally we reached a score which seemed easy given our bowling attack.

But like India, its neighbour Pakistan is made of same steel and share same traits. In one word – UN-PREDICTABLE.

Nehra and Munaf did a splendid job controlling the Pakistani batsmen, who threw their wickets as if they were in a hurry to catch flight back to Islamabad. 5 bowlers scalping 2 wickets each. And the job was done. Nehra emerged out be the most economical of the lot with S.R. of 3.3, Still I feel the same about him. Should he be there in Final, I doubt.

Anyway, as soon as Zaheer got Misba ul haq caught, crackers buzzed off. Every nook and corner, every streets, people came out of their homes and congratulated others bursting crackers. Diwali & Eid at the same time. However they both came early this year.

Sachin was awarded “Man of the Match” for his knock of 85. Thanks Afridi for not letting the God complete his century, even he wanted this. Century can definitely wait for few matches [ I don’t mean to be rude. But yes, I’m bit superstitious here.]

April 2nd waits for another edition of Ramayana. India play against Sri Lanka at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

Wankhede Stadium

till then


Have a nice day ahead!

Sleep tight!!!

In Cricket, scribblings, Sports on March 29, 2011 at 11:58 pm

The World awaits for this moment – the clash of Titans. Barely is there any other worthwhile matches like Indo-Pak match (save for Ashes). For the love and hatred that exist between the two neighbours, it’s the cricket which is next to the fight at border for the citizenry of India and Pakistan. Even God is busy watching the titans’ firepower.

In this tournament, both teams have shown their stamina and power. India after few hiccups turned punters on the flight back to Australia. While Pakistan has proved time and against in this series that despite loosing their pace bowlers, they still can give a tough fight to any teams . And here they both are for once in a time affair match. However, going by the statistics, India has always overpowered Pakistan in world cup matches. But this time, it is different. India is suffering from lack of strike bowlers and their ability to lose wickets in short intervals can cost them dear. Pakistan has done extremely well in their bowling department.

And when the two lions have are due for Semifinal clash, God has its own plan. It’s raining cats and dogs in Mohali tonight. Media has gone crazy, as if it’s not a torrential rain but some terrorist attack.

People in both the countries shall have sleepless nights. Early morning many atheist shall pray for the first time for their country to win (as if it were some  confrontation at border).

That’s Mohali cricket ground for you.

Image via Wikipedia

My advice to the fellow countrymen and our neighbors, “Sleep tight for the post match session shall be full of tension.”

Good Night

C ya all

Partners in Crime – Bribe?

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Have you ever offered BRIBE or have you been offered Bribe?

Image via trak.in

Think over it yet. What did you gain out of it? A Certificate/ a tender/ or some monetary benefit. Did it occur to you, it’s a Crime and you are liable to be punished, IF CAUGHT. Didn’t it come to your mind, How can you punish this fellow whom you bribed? And how can you get your money back.

If YES, Read on…

Bribe, both in noun and verb form, has been prevalent since long time, both in India and worldwide. Where certain people have been benefited out of this, it has corroded the moral values of society and has left system laggard and crippled. By various acts in countries all over, Bribe (giving or taking) has been termed illegal and partners in crime are liable to be punished.

Today, I came across a wonderful Paper on “Why, for a class of bribes, the act of giving a bribe should be treated as legal?

Dr Kausik Basu, an eminent professor and economic adviser to FinMin India, has authored this paper and is available on FinMin website.

Summary of the Paper

As I mentioned earlier, there is often a law against bribe. In India, it’s  1988 legislation called Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988. According to this law, bribe taking by a public servant and bribe giving are Partners in Crime and both are punishable by anywhere between 6 months and 5 years.

Section 24 of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988, however, is an exception which would only apply if the bribe giver is unwillingly paying bribe in order to get the public servant trapped.

Dr Basu has classified Bribe in basically Two categories- Harassment and Non-Harassment bribes. In case of harassment bribe, as for now, both are liable to be punished. However Dr. Basu proposes in this paper a unique proposition which can create a divergence of interest between bribe giver and bribe taker and hence a mistrust. He suggests, the bribe giver should be let go free and the bribe taker should be fine double the amount. What I meant to say is that if at present both bribe giver and taker are paying fine of X amt, it should be like that bribe giver pays ZERO and bribe taker will have to pay 2 X amt. The basic idea is to create an air of mistrust between the two parties which should decrease the incident of bribery.

However, there are several caveats to this proposition. How this kind of act shall be a barrier to the moral values of society? Wouldn’t it increase the incidence of bribe giving simply because the giver has nothing to lose in the process.? And so on…

The paper is open to debate.  This crime is ubiquitous sparing None. Lets make things better around us. Please give your opinions on this matter.

Link  http://finmin.nic.in/WorkingPaper/Act_Giving_Bribe_Legal.pdf.

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