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Ekla Chalo re…

In Writing on September 8, 2012 at 12:11 am

A pattern of thought that streams like a video broadcast airing live on your television. only it’s not your television per se but the video streams in your mind as if some projector is placed before you and you are kind of travelling through the past with immense speed. no body can beat speed of light ,einstein has proved it, though our thought do travel much more faster than the speed of light. For a momeent you are at one pace and the next moment someway very far away from the original place. if the memory that can travel faster than light, mustn’t be there something which woulod be travelling faster than light. few days i was watching predators and series. Sounds much more like the book i read, Ancient Aliens, which dealt about similar thoeries about some superhuman beings coming from another universe and guiding the humans. Wouldn’t they be travelling faster than the speed of light for they miust had to travel lot loonger and faster.human were supposed to live in society and flourish together not unlike any other animals. however if you recall, when did you had a good idea. or when Archimedes came up with buoncy theory or when did newton had figured out Earth has the gravitational pull. they were not in a social function when the idea clicked to them. Reclusiveness is considered to be social taboo at least a kind of. Unsocial animal. But Sometime what A great idea only needs is “Solitude”. 

And when this happens….’Ekla chalo re’ – song by Nobel laureate Rabindra nath tagore.  becomes the Anthem.


Image source: thepowerofintroverts.com

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