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Timing is Important

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This is a short post. It was meant to be an experiment with the time  posts are published. In the last few weeks I have observed a  co-relation between the Time you publish your post and the traffic that follows.

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In the last week, I have published it post midnight and the results were quiet good. For the last two days I changed my time of publishing to evening and the results varied.

May be the idea of publishing the post in the evening is not good. I shall revert back to my old-timing, when I can reach out to largest number of People.





“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.”
— Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) French sculptor

What time of the day You publish your post?

Blogging and site traffic (via Keith’s World)

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How should I increase Traffic on my blog? How shall I know, how much time my readers spend on my blog? Questions like this and more are always in the mind of a blogger, particularly the newbies. What’s the Answer, Where to find this? I chanced upon Keith’s blog and here I find similar Problems. He has actually tried to analyse the problem. But every one is looking for the answers. Some other issues pertaining to WordPress Blogs in particular, are also mentioned. Here’s my small ‘contribution’ to this… Read the rest of this entry »

What gives HOPE?-An honest feedback

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Reference: The Daily Post #18

It was around 22:55 IST (date17th Jan) , when Scott posted this topic. Now it’s 02:15 AM IST  (date 18th Jan). For those three hours I could not figure out what should I write.  I sat to analyze my last post ( My MBA lessons had to be used for a while 😉 ) What went wrong with that, Why People were particularly interested/ disinterested in this particular post. What did I learn from it?” It was then the thought of writing this post just crossed me. So here it’s What gives me hope?

The Post in analysis

What was New ?

This post Does everything happen for a reason? was New by all my standards. An experiment in itself.

1. This was my first Visual Blogging around an idea. Thousand words can be summed up in a single picture.

2. For the first time, I used ‘Poll’ to know my guest’s  (I prefer to call my readers Guest) views on the post. I have observed, guests prefer to write goodie-goodie stuffs in your comments, but given the limited choice in Polls, you can get a good feedback. Thanks to all my Guests, I received an honest feedback from them.

3. Comments form an integral part of your posts. I have never been able to capture attention of my guests (which mostly says stays for 4 seconds) as good as in the last post. Most of them were enlightening, as if completing the post in all dimensions, I left untouched. I believe it was good. We were engaged enough to start a discussion.

Though the stats were discouraging, what gave me HOPE, were the things I learned in the process.
What is the learning?

1. Pictures speak thousand words, but it creates a vague idea in reader’s mind. Substantiate Pictures with Texts.

2. Poll choices has to be “To the Point”, to get a fairer idea.

3. Open ended posts fetch more comments. It interests and compels the readers to put forward their points in the discussion.

4. Posts should be crisp, not taking much of time and putting forward the Idea, it wants to convey.

I must follow the last of my lessons. Let’s close here. Before that, I have few questions for you, My dear guests.

Why do you think it has the least possibility of bring Pressed?

Want a blogging buddy? It will up your morale (via The Daily Post at WordPress.com)

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My Blog buddies:

Amruta’s blog: A Life Time of eternity

Manuel’s Blog

Knowledge seeker


Scott did put This post to ‘Tactics’ category.

This post was all about sharing and caring. You scratch my back I’ll yours. it was meant to be a system where two or more  people who share common attributes can share a common goal.

However, greed has no limits. As Gordon Gekko says it “Greed for the lack of a better word is good”. ” Greed is right, greed works” . Here it seems to be working too.

Image source: catherienemariedotwordpressdotcom

The good thing is that  now, we have a list of blogs with what it is all about, at a place. Like a directory. Surely It is a great strategic tool to keep you engaged.
I am working with Manu. He hails from Germany and writes in German. Thanks to Google translator, i can understand his posts quiet well.
We will check each others blog, comment and suggest improvement and further ideas.

lets hope this works. 🙂

Do you want a blogging buddy, Write to me.

Two WordPress.com bloggers, Ashkir at Stars In Silence, and Kate at Spastic Musings decided to team up to help each other out. They both signed up for Post A Week, with the goal of encouraging and checking in on each other: Me and Kate are going for the postaweek2011. 🙂 . We decided we’ll help motivate each other and we started up different blogs side/by/side. The buddy system works on the principle of social connections. If you have someone els … Read More

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