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Art of Questioning

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Art of Question

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Shahrukh (One of the Bollywood Superstars) says he had to read a lot since the birth of his first child? Why so Mr. SRK? He answers, It is because he want to answer to all questions of his child. Oh ! that’s cute. But is there anything new in it, any parent would like and be pleased to answer to all curious questions of his new-born. sample…

What is the shadow?

Why is rainbow so colorful?

Why we sneeze? so n so…

Millions of questions do come in mind. And sometime we don’t have answer to them. Did we care to learn later on, when we grow up in life, to find answers to questions once we had un-answered?

Ok lets stop beating the bush. The point I want to make is “Why do child have so many questions?”

Their un-polluted mind weave so many webs around, creating millions of questions. These questions be it silly are very basic which we take for granted in our lives.

Parents are called first teacher to the child. If you as a parent snub your child think again. You are destroying a creative talent in your child. They can build or destroy ones future.

 After parents, teachers are like a god for the child. They build a child’s future. The problem with the present educational society is teachers have their focus elsewhere than teaching. And the way they treat their students like a money-making machine instead of inculcating their mind and honing their skills. So the creative genius within a child mind takes a set back. And if this situation continues and in most cases it does, the creative genius of the new-born gradually gets low in priority.

One’s friend decide what kind of personality one develops. Choose your friends carefully. But never get isolated, One has to be open to all ideas but assimilate selectively.

Many new discoveries and inventions are the result of the “Questions Asked related to them”

When Newton asked ” Why apple falls to ground?” and he discovered Gravity.

When Galileo questions set beliefs about Earth being at the center of the earth, He discovered The sun to be at the center of Universe.

There are so many and many more examples which reinforce ones belief in the forgotten ‘Art of Questioning

(Learn to question the established belief, May be no person but definitely Encyclopedia or Google can help)

Lets think on this one question ” Why do we not question?”

see you soon…

Who is a teacher?

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I am going to keep it Short.

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.
-William A. Ward

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.
-Khalil Gibran

One can’t be a good teacher, if s/he doesn’t believe what s/he teaches. I feel, teaching is a tough job. One has to go to the level of student to make them understand. I, myself, am a pathetic teacher. I get irritated very often, if someone fails to understand. You can say, it’s my inability to go deep down that level and make them understand. For hat matter, My younger brother is definitely good. Even when I had difficulty understanding any concept, I’d consult him and He would explain things very clearly.


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In general, if you see today, teaching has become more or less a profession. Just a medium to earn money-TAX FREE money. That urge to pass on the knowledge is missing most of the time.
Who is a teacher? One who teaches you. right? In that way, you learn lots of things from several people, then are all of them your teacher?

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