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Were we NOT wrong at the first place?

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Watch out for today’s news and you would find three prominent news in all the papers. Apart from tragedy in Japan, what’s making news is the World’s response to what could be worst nuclear disaster in Post WWII.


A high Intensity quake followed with Tsunami and then a nuclear disaster. What more trouble one could have asked for! As if earthquake wasn’t enough for mass destruction that followed  there. Tsunami completed what was left after ill-fated quake. Then what follows is another worst kind of nuclear disaster, probably worst than Three Mile Island incident but not as grave as Chernobyl [See The Hindu report].


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News report that one of the storage pool, used for storing spent nuclear fuel, was over heated could be in response to quake or a human error. We don’t know it for sure by now. But it has left Japanese people and the governments around in pandemonium.

Tokyo was reported to have slightly higher radioactive component in the atmosphere than the accepted level. The worst affected is Fukushima state where the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant is situated. PM Naoto Kan had urged people to airtight their houses and stay indoor. Such situation might spark hoarding and further chaos.

Amidst all this, other Governments are trying to pull out their citizens from Japan. Following this incident all the govts are either closing part of their reactors or are busy ordering review of nuclear plants. Ukraine has offered to send its nuclear experts to find out the core of the problem, still unsolved, meanwhile third plant in Japan is reported to have failing cooling system.

Ponder a While

Did we ever thought before utilising the services of nuclear energy that it could be such a menace! Or we were so optimistic on human ability that nothing could go wrong. Did we forget Mother Nature?

No doubt Little boy & Fat Man halted the WW2, but what did we gain after that?

A nuclear race between Polarized world. Further such a situation where the armed countries wanted others not to join the nuclear race[ but not destroying their own stockpile]. What world were we creating? Did you ever thought, it would be peace, with no wars, coz every other power had its nuclear head missiles. What do you say, Now?

A coin definitely has two faces and what are we facing is definitely the wrong side.

Will it [the bomb] be big enough? Big enough to scare the hell out of us to stop and think? Big enough to stop all war forever?

Were we not wrong at the first Place?

I’m dying, But so are you all

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An interesting form of greetings, isn’t it?  “How are you feeling?” But the answer can be more interesting.

Let me share with you what happened this morning. As usual I started for my office at 8:30 am. While I was getting down the stairs, My landlord’s son comes out of his house. I asked, How you doing? The guy’s reply made me think for a while.

“Don’t ask bro I’m darn pissed”Why what happened?…. You don’t know? … NO… Damn this Indian Bowling… (I smiled, every one has the same grudge. It’s surprising, No body had stoned Dhoni’s house or issued death threat yet.) Controlling my thoughts I said, sh’IT’ happens, don’t mind.

I didn’t expect such a reply to a very common form of greetings. 🙂 Anyway, I came across this tweet from Deepak Chopra. An interesting and thought-provoking reply to the very same question.

“How are you feeling?”    “I’m dying. But so are you all.”   Lord Budhha

Have you ever thought of this? We all are dying one day, finally. Why not give life your best. Share your bright and best moments, share good things, good news. Share your happiness, your sorrows and most of all Share your Smile. 🙂 Life is too short to hate anyone. It’s a gift of GOD. Use it wisely.  Be good to all.

PS: Sorry Dhoni, I was van-damn angry at you. But that was yesterday. Do your best. 🙂

Meaning of Life…

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What would you Do with One million Dollar?

That seen/unseen, felt/unfelt supreme being has given life in all forms on this beautiful planet. But the most capable of them all is human, who can transform clay to diamonds and fossils to fuels… bacteria to medicines. Anyway, life has its meaning for every one of us and if you haven’t found it yet. Give it a shot at least. Because the meaning of life is to give meaning to life.
Please Share your thoughts on this.

Unleash your potential

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We don’t “become” geniuses. It’s already within. We simply reconnect + remember our genius – Robin S (Author of The Monk who sold his Ferrari)

The inherent genius is ever-present in everybody, it’s just we underestimate our potential. We need to unleash our genius self out of hibernation and that surely requires lots and lots of self-control and meditation.

It was yesterday I saw another of my favorite movies, “Good will Hunting“, the protagonist in this movie is a born genius but lost. A highly acclaimed maths Professor tries to show him the path but the One who actually mends his ways was another great, A psychologist. Being from same neighborhood he understand his background and can pervade through his mind. he shows him the way to simple pleasures of life. Being genius is not the only thing but the way you use it for your own happiness. Finally Will left all the material wealth (future of course) for his love of Life.

Post idea: the daily Post

India celebrates – 62nd Republic day

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This is a moment of national pride for all Indians here in India and abroad. At this momentous occasion, President Ms Pratibha Patil will unfurl the national Flag on the famous Red Fort. millions of people flock to Red Fort to have a glimpse of this day making history. The World’s largest democracy celebrates its 62nd anniversary.

Every Indian must take an oath, this day, to maintain peace, to grow together, to help each other…. amen

Millions of school colleges central and state organisations, every individual shall hoist Tiranga. And the ceremonies shall end with National Anthem.

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for li...

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The national anthem is composition of Nobel laureate Shri Rabindra Nath Tagore. It goes like this:

जन-गण-मन अधिनायक, जय हे
पंजाब-सिंधु गुजरात-मराठा,
द्रविड़-उत्‍कल बंग,
विन्‍ध्‍य-हिमाचल-यमुना गंगा,
तव शुभ नामे जागे,
तव शुभ आशिष मांगे,
गाहे तव जय गाथा,
जन-गण-मंगल दायक जय हे
जय हे, जय हे, जय हे
जय जय जय जय हे।

Jana-gana-mana-adhinayaka, jaya he
Tava shubha name jage,
Tava shubha asisa mange,
Gahe tava jaya gatha,
Jana-gana-mangala-dayaka jaya he
Jaya he, jaya he, jaya he,
Jaya jaya jaya, jaya he!


Wish You all happy republic day and Holiday 🙂

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