Things, I’ve ever told – Wake Up call

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Reference : The Daily Post

Things, I have never told. Why didn’t I? Will I be able to tell now? What is that prevents me from doing it?

Image Source:duchess85.wp.com

I had a series of such uncanny thoughts whirling around in my head. Voice said, What are you thinking? Say it all. You have posed this question to yourself. Now, Don’t expect me to answer it. Ok, I’m doing it alone. First, let me share something with you.

Unique Blog

One blog which I stumbled upon was unique in his own way. ophthalmic Photography is based on the photography, but a bit different then the usual photo blogs. As the name suggests, it captures the photo of retina of your eyes. My God, I had never thought that It could be any one’s theme of blogging. But the pictures and the description that follows every “Eye” is so intriguing , it captures your undivided attention.

Image Source: Ophthalmic Photography

Why it’s advisable to stick to certain themes in your blog? Have you ever given it a thought. It can be anything like  photo blog, blog on Story telling, Technology blogs, Art blogs or video blogging and so on and on. You have got plethora of options available.  May be it captures a niche of our audiences who are interested in this particular theme.

Personal theme based blogs do contain ramblings of a blogger from his everyday life. This could be anything, his experiences, his perspective of things around or the things he learned from his mistakes or from other so on.

Is there a limit to what you say?

This brings me to a question, very often it comes to every individual. Is there a limit to what you say?

Answer could be anything – a positive Yes, or even No. It depends upon the what school of thoughts you come from. If you believe, whatever have you done is morally and ethically correct and you fear none (save for God! don’t mind ,if you are an atheist like me) go ahead, publish it all. But if you are sinner, in whatever sense you consider yourself to be, you would hesitate, don’t you? Have you ever met any person who hasn’t committed a sin. Every body has secrets. Even Bill had, Monica . Swami had one of her protégé as Monica. It’s a bad-bad world. There are jackals roaming in ravine to pounce upon their prey.

With advent of social media like twitter, foursquare and face book, your life is on a page, shared every bit of it.

A True Story

Recently, I read an interview of a blogger. She claims to be a fan of Four Square, posting every detail on it. Unfortunately, the details fell into ill hands. She fell pray to some maniac, who was stalking her, courtesy Four Square . Fortunately, she was saved and she learnt her lessons. She still uses Foursquare but has changed her habit.

What we can learn from the story? Think for yourself.

Final Words.

  • Decide beforehand, how much you would like to share with world.
  • Beware that anyone and everyone can read your words. The last person you would ever want reading your website, will eventually find and read your website. Write knowing this beforehand.  — Heather Armstrong of Dooce
  • If speech is silver, Silence Golden.

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  1. I like personal blogs. Personal ramblings can be quite captivating, it’s like taking a peek at other people’s minds and lives. Most personal blogs will also teach you something, since a person is talking about their experiences and how they dealt with them. Over-sharing can be dangerous. You won’t catch me using services like Foursquare.

    • My point is, There is no harm using any services. But be vigilant. The lady i described in the story must be posting stuffs at the same time she was at certain place. That thing might be foolish. Only mesage is to be careful of over sharing things.
      Thanks for coming by Ana
      Loved to hear your views.

      • I’ve the impression you can only check in a place where you are though, through your smart phone or laptop, otherwise everyone could easily cheat. I may be completely mistaken, but I don’t think it’s possible to check in those services if you don’t have the correct GPS location to account for it.

        • I guess so. This should be possible only through GPRS facility or there are several devices that can do it without using actual gprs signal. Though I need someone to enlighten this aspect. lemme google this

  2. I think sharing is sharing and it’s good! Whenever you can, to whomever you can, as much as you can, but succinctly…they have other things to do.

    I think to over-play the dangers of sharing is to live in fear, and to live in fear is a dark place to be.

    I think, use your common-sense.

    • Thanks Kolembo, for sharing your views 🙂
      Never doubt,Sharing is good. unless it backfires.
      I shall quote Harvard Review here

      If your private dealings don’t match your public declarations, your own Wikileaks crisis is coming

      Thanks for coming by 🙂

  3. With advent of social media like twitter, foursquare and face book, your life is on a page, shared every bit of it.
    I can believe so many people can be unaware of their “privacy” issues on the internet. The story where the “four Square” got “stalked” and learned her lesson is so amazing, I had no idea! I learn each day something new reading your insightful blog.

  4. Hi Rajiv,

    I just visited the Ophthalmic Photography blog post..what a superb find! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. yup you are right, it is really important to be decisive about what to write and what not,you never know who may visit and read the information..but i feel there isnt any necessity to have a theme for the blog, yeah people who have are passionate about their particular interests confine it to topic on other hand personal bloggers write to share their own views on whatever topic it may be…it is justifiable either way 🙂

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