Can India survive as the Secular state? What Do you think?

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The Preamble of India very clearly states, India is a SECULAR, Democratic Republic. A State where all major religions of the world co-exist together. Out of 1 billion population 80% are Hindu, 14% are Muslim, 2% are Christian, and 4% are followers of other religions.


For thousand of years, India has been cynosure for travelers, students, and traders, from far across the world. India, in Past, was known to the world as the Golden Bird. Vasco D’ Gama  found a sea route across ‘Cape of Good hope’ only to reach India. Columbus who set sail to find an alternative route to India, eventually discovered America. The Golden bird, unfortunately, attracted looters from Asia and Europe. The famous Siva temple at somnath was looted 17 times by Mahmud of Ghazni. Some came to India to rule or to trade and to convert Indians to their own faith. The India accepted them all with poise and grace. They came as guest and settled in India for good.

India as of Now

The ill fated division of India in two parts took place in 1947, as planned by British Rulers. Their policy of Divide and rule, by the virtue of which they ruled India for almost 200 years, is still in practice by our Present day politicians. Playing with religious sentiments to increase vote bank has become common place. And they do not come from a single party,While BJP grew on Hindu appeasement policy backed by RSS, Congress flourished on Muslim appeasement.

Religion and Society

Indian Society, primitively, was based on caste and culture. If you happen to see the structure of ancient city of India Mohenjo-Daro, You would find the city, though well planned, was divided into citadel and the lower city.

Image Source: Wikipedia

What i have known from my history class back in 9th grade, the city was constructed according to the social structure prevalent in those times. The upper class of the society must be living in and around citadel and the so-called untouchables or the lower class in the lower city. The social structure continues to exist to some extent. You would find clustered society. Muslims live together, Hindus live together, out of Hindus, Rajputs would have a separate colony, Bhumihars would have separate colony, Dalits would have separate colony and so on.


Religious Inflections in India

The Hindu-Muslim squabble dates back to partition days, where millions of innocent lost their lives to the fallout of Indo-Pak partition. Pakistan basically was carved out of India to be a full-fledged Muslim Country. A country where all Muslims in India could live together. Though the plot was prepared by last British Viceroy of India, Lord Louis Mountbatten (I can’t resist putting the Hindu Article on Mountbatten for your purvview), it was ratified by prominent leaders of Both India & Pakistan. I have no idea how a common man who’s not Hindu lives there? but the Muslims here in India live peacefully, untill unless disturbed by so-called Hindu & Muslim fanatics Organization. The Ayodhya Mosque demolition 1991, 1993 Mumbai Bomb Blast, Godhra carnage, Orissa Graham Stains Murder Case, 26/11 Mumbai hotel Taj, all are testimony to the unstable religious balance undermining story of the fastest growing democracy. what I believe is the fall out of political agenda of politicians on both sides of Line Of Control and the religious immaturity in Indo-pak populace, supported by some infidel terrorist organizations (including some of the govt sponsored infidels, as claimed by many sources to be, isi).

How Indians Responded to Court’s Ayodhya Verdict?

I can not miss writing this part of the story. After some 19 years Court of India was coming out with  a verdict on Ayodhya issue, last year. Entire Indian forces were and police were on High Alert to prevent any mishap after the verdict. Uttar pradesh, in particular Ayodhya, was filled with all paramilitary forces. I was restless that afternoon. I had to go to Gujrat and anything was possible there after unfavorable decision. I was glued to google news all through out. I was amazed at the response people showed to the verdict, In my opinion, it was a balanced verdict in favor of both the Hindus and the Muslims. But as expected, politicians came out with their versions to incite dis harmony, which was criticized by Indian media and Muslim Clerics both. it was a great relief to me. That day i thought, Indian populace has learnt from the misgivings.

In response to Post by Charlie

A Hindu Conversion Story

Who He Is Nanaje Giduturi, is a young man born and raised in India of a father who made his living all of his adult life selling vegetables. Their family  six practice the Hindu religion. They live in a small town where virtually everybody knows the father and the mother and their four children. Nanaje is the youngest, and his parents felt that they would not n … Read More

via The Power of the Word

“Poverty is the cause of all evils”, You believe that? Youngest of ‘Six Children’- Six Children? No surprises ! When Indian Government promotes 2 children, then Why people are resorting to have Six? It’s not like that market has insufficient supply of condoms or social organisations are not promoting safe sex. It’s the poverty. The poor think, as many hand as possible, can reduce their poverty. How your protagonist arrived in US or UK, that’s not the issue, The issue is the rapidly changing faith. I don’t have authority to comment on the richness of any religion, but the fact that God is one whichever religion it be is the one I prominently believe. A secular state promises each of its individual the freedom to practice any religion.

What Do you think, Can India survive as the Secular state?

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  1. hmm..very interesting piece actually. u can make the constitution secular, but can u make the mindsets secular? these riots in the name of religion will always exist as long as there is bigotry and intolerance in the hearts of ppl.

    • Very true sufiaz, You know What’s the reason behind all the evils. Man’s Greed , in whatever forms, it’s the greed for money, greed for power, greed for what not. Morality has been put behind bars. So these religious squabbles occur and as long as common man keeps his intelligence locked, These things shall continue unabated.

      • Hey Rajiv,

        You know What’s the reason behind all the evils. Man’s Greed , in whatever forms, it’s the greed for money, greed for power, greed for what not. Morality has been put behind bars

        Maybe the code will work.

        The whole world is plagued by the same disease, GREED. Absent our Lord, God, things will gradually get worse and worse. We don’t know when, but they will, I can guarantee it!

        Today is Freedom of Religion Day in America, and I wrote my blog about it today.

  2. India is a mismanaged country, too big for the incompetent and corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. 60 odd years after independence, more than half the population live in despicable conditions, worse than some of the poor African nations, without the most basic necessities of existence.

    The big question therefore is, is there a need for India survive as a badly managed union of 35 different regions with distinct language, literature, food and culture…. ? Is it not time to seek a system like the US, where the states virtually function like independent states … ?

    • Agree with you Neel to some extent.
      India – mismanaged – Yes . But to leave it to states – big No. It won’t stand as a country then, rather as 35 small fiefdoms, where whoever will do as they wish. to implement kind of US system here in India is definitely debatable. Each system has its pros and cons.
      What can be done i this situation ? I believe, most of the youth will have to come forward to take the mantle.at least common people have to be educated about their rights and duties. An educated voter can put a stable and able govt.
      Thanks for coming by

      • Don’t you realize why the majority population have been kept deprived of everything including education ? Once they get education the political parties will have more problems.

        What difference will it make if 35 different fiefdoms loot their own state locally, than the national parties looting the it nationally ….. ? At least at state level there will be better accountability.

        • Hey Neel,
          Good point raised 🙂 , it’s not that common man is not understanding what’s going on. They have now started understanding their own value. Take for example Bihar election. How did you thing lalu could not return to power. He also had put forth his “development Agenda”. ‘coz people deep down their heart know. Lalu is not going to deliver, what nitish is doing right now. The revolution has begun, My dear friend 🙂

  3. Hey guys,
    The savages in Africa, Senegalese, the Indians in all over America, prayed to some God, many of them even converted to Christ, but the big bad government won’t help much. Especially, if it grows bigger and bigger!
    Take care, Charlie

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