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Reference: The Daily Post #19

2011 has started with lots of fun and Happiness. One of my colleague was blessed with a baby boy, few days ago. You might think, what’s this post about? Off course I’m going to write about the bravest thing, I have seen few days ago. Naa, I’m not going to talk about all pains and sufferings of Cesarean operation, labor pains and all. My post is about event that follow the birth of a child. I’m, in no way undermining the contribution of women to this society…. Confused ! me too…  🙂

Congratulations and wishes were pouring in from all corners. But my colleague, who recently became a proud father, was all pensive and confused. Lets call him ‘Mr. 786’. I asked him, Sire, you look worried, why so? The matter at hand was really worrisome. It was to decide the future and the dignity of the baby boy. The question was “What should we call him?

You might be thinking What the fuss about? Is it so tough to name a child? Yes it is. ‘Coz the constraints are many.

The name must be according to Hindu Zodiac sign

It should match with the name of his elder brother. People like to relate with duo like ‘Ram-Shyam’ or Ram -Lakshman’. Stuff like that.

Most importantly, The name should be such that it can’t be modified to some slang, easily. — Why is this most important part out of all? It’s ‘coz this is about the dignity of the baby. I have seen names being modified in a rude way. it just takes out all beauty out of it and what remains is clutter. few examples would help you understand the seriousness of the matter at hand. A friend of mine named ‘ Partha‘ was called PARATHA (Paratha is chapathi made of wheat flour). The most infamous characters from the epic Mahabharata were called ‘Duryodhan and Duhshashan’. Do you know, what their real name was. It was Suyodhan and Suhshashan.  The change of name completely changes the meaning behind it. While Sushashan means One who manages things well, Duhshashan means completely opposite.

You might have got a feel why this matter is so serious. Poor Mr. 786 searched internet clicked some hundreds of website for baby names and has selected some thousands of name, to finally come up with One. This is the bravest thing, I have seen in the recent times. 🙂

Please Help my friend  by suggesting some Good baby boy name starting with ‘S’ or ‘A’.


  1. Aazaad….which I understand means “freedom” . Is that right?

    • azad is free…..its an adjective
      AZADI is the word u r looking for 🙂 thats the noun form.

    • Thanks for suggestion SMM 🙂 ‘Aazaad’ means FREE and sound nice. My friend being keralaite is looking for some heavy names, you know how it’s here. 🙂

      • We have some friends in Andre Pradesh with a son, Aazaad. Check out my post in December..”The inspiration of Saravan and Nirmula”. They are great people.

  2. Suryavansham how is it 🙂

  3. wow…is it really that complicated?? and the fact that it starts with an “A” or “S”, is that also part of some religious requirement?

    • starting with ‘A’ and ‘s’ isn’t religious requirement lolz 😛 but personal one. His elder son’s name starts with S . And he being born in Aries (Mesh) a/c to horoscope That’s why ‘A’.
      And what you say about third point. isn’t it difficult. the boy has to go to school and college. before the boy complains ” why did u put such name? ” change it beforehand 😉

  4. Hi Rajiv,

    I have seen names being modified in a rude way. it just takes out all beauty out of it and what remains is clutter.

    We Americans are quite good at profaning people’s names. Many times a day I would peruse lists of names which actually were requests for background checks we were doing for our clients, but I was always amazed by the silly, stupid, and non-sensible names that people hung around their babies for life. Of course, you can change them later, but!!!!!
    Take care, cc

    PS: In will post part II of the story I started yesterday, “Why I Fled Ohio & Went West.” and “The Story of the Pearl Necklace”, the before yesterday.

    • 😉 agreed . i also agree with u when u say modifying names can turn out to be very rude….parents really shud take time and effort in naming their kids, otherwise they might turn out to be a laughing stock 🙂 (hollywood baby names come to mind…seriously…shiloh? sunday rose? i mean COME ON)

      rajiv, do all hindus have this problem in naming, or is it just some ppl who follow the zodiacs? cuz we muslims dont believe in horoscopes and zodiacs….at least we arent sposed to. ppl believe still, but our religion doesnt allow it.

      • Hey Sufia
        Very few people follow Zodiacs for naming their kid. And now a days it doesn’t matter if you are a hindu or muslim or christian… names are almost similar…
        Only thing is that name should have good meaning, and sometime it has the effects to modify your personalities. One of my friend’s name is Shafi, do you have any idea what’s his religion. 🙂

        A rose is a rose is a rose

  5. Hi Rajiv,

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I like your thoughts, too. We had two sons to name, I like your take on the process – never realized how brave we were!


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  7. Thanks Adrian 🙂

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